Dental Practice Marketing Campaigns (video)

Dental practice marketing campaignsDentists picked direct mail as their most effective avenue for dental practice marketing. Other favorites include yellow pages advertisements, TV ads, and dental websites.

“Sixty new patients per month with the new dental sign!” said one dentist.

“A mini dental implant ad can help many people with denture problems," offered another dentist. "Oh yeah, and my campaign brought in thousands in restorative revenue."

“My radio ad with dental website support led to over 200 calls in 4 days!" boasted an Illinois dentist.

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Dental Marketing in the Phone Book (video)

Yellow pages dental marketing videoAbout two out of three dentists market themselves through the Yellow Pages, found our survey.

“Keep ’em professional!” advised one doctor. “My state has new rules regarding the advertising of specialty services by a GP, so be careful to disclose ‘general’ dentist (not ‘dental implants‘ or ‘cosmetic dentist‘).”

“Antiquated and worthless compared to well positioned dental website,” declared one dentist.

“It brings patients, but not necessarily the high fee ones,” offered another dentist. “The rest is up to your internal dental marketing.”

“May not even be necessary. We are tracking calls from the display ad, and rates are amazingly low,” said a pediatric dentist spending $1500/month.

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Yellow Page Advertising: Is the future of Dental Marketing Online? (video)

yellow page advertisingIs the future of dental marketing online?

This week, Mashable reported that analyst firm eMarketer predicts spending on online advertising will hit $50 billion in 2015.  In 2010 U.S. online ad spending hit $26 billion.  The report also predicts that video will be the fastest-growing format in online advertising.

Another factor mentioned in this is the shift in local advertising from newspapers and Yellow Pages to online ads.

The Wealthy Dentist conducted a survey asking dentists if they advertised in the Yellow Pages.  61% of dentists responded that they advertise in the Yellow Pages.

But one-third of those with ads said they were dropping them, and another third said they were reducing their yellow pages marketing because of the growing online marketing trend.

But is it really smart to abandon the Yellow Pages altogether?

To hear more of what dentists had to say about Yellow Page advertising, please click play and watch the following survey video –

The Local Search Association ( conducted a Local Media Tracking Study through Burke and found the following –

As local search habits evolve, a comprehensive study of consumer preferences on local media shows that an integrated approach to local advertising incorporating both print directories and online search media is the best path for businesses hoping to ring up sales.

The “Local Media Tracking Study,” using an online panel (80 percent of respondents) and offline/telephone survey (20 percent), found that 84 percent of respondents used either print or Internet Yellow Pages to find a local business in the last year and more than three-quarters (76 percent) used a search engine. The study found that 74 percent of U.S. adults used a print Yellow Pages directory to find a local business in the past year. Search engines reached 76 percent of consumer through the year, and 67% monthly.

While usage of print Yellow Pages has declined as local media information has become available in more places, the number of times U.S. consumers look up information in a print directory continues to be in the billions. In 2010, consumers generated 11 billion references to print Yellow pages. comScore found that Internet Yellow Pages generated 5.6 billion searches in 2010.

Are you still advertising in the Yellow Pages?

Dentists Still Marketing Via the Yellow Pages (video)

Yellow pages dental marketing videoThere are many different avenues for dentists seeking to actively market their dental practices.

In this video, we discuss a poll that revealed that most dentists and dental practices advertise in the Yellow Pages as part of their dental marketing.

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Dental Marketing: Dentists’ Most Effective Strategies (VIDEO)

When asked about their most effective dental practice marketing campaigns, direct mail marketing was the top choice among dentists.

However, most use multiple marketing avenues simultaneously, including (but not limited to) yellow pages advertisements, TV ads, and dentist websites.

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