The Tooth Fairy Does Not Serve All Countries

Not All Kids Get Money Under Their Pillow

It turns out that the Tooth Fairy we all know and love is not an international celebrity. Around the world, baby teeth are honored with various customs, and our Tooth Fairy is but one of the many options.

by Stephen CoveyThe children’s book Throw Your Tooth on the Roof: Tooth Traditions from Around the World describes some of this folklore. Here are a few highlights:

  • The tooth is tossed onto the roof in Greece, and in Korea and Taiwan as well.
  • In Spain and Latin America, a mouse known as Ratoncito Perez will take the tooth from under the pillow and replace it with sweets or other treats.The same is true in France, where the mouse is known as La Petite Souris.
  • In many places, the child or parents will bury the tooth. Filipino children get to make a wish as the tooth is planted.
  • In Brazil, teeth are tossed into the garden. However, legend has it that the birds will only take the clean teeth away.
  • Others wrap the tooth, sometimes in bread.
  • The Tooth Fairy leaving cold hard cash appears to be an American tradition.

It’s interesting to note that many of these customs involve mice, rats, or other rodents. Though the author does not explore the reasons for this, it is most likely because rodents are known for having strong teeth.

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Single Gene Controls Growth of Rows of Teeth

Teeth developmentWouldn’t it be nice to be able to grow extra teeth if you needed to? Well, someday it might be possible…

Scientists have isolated a single gene that regulates tooth growth.Mice without that gene were found grow extra teeth, much like how sharks develop several rows of teeth.

Those mice also had cleft palates, so this research might lead to ways to prevent that in humans.

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Dental Braces: Are General Dentists Capable of Straightening Teeth? (video)

Dental Braces: Why Many General Dentists Prefer to Do Braces (video)Straight teeth are hugely desirable in our culture, but who is the right doctor to straighten a dental patient’s teeth with braces?

An orthodontist or a general dentist?

One general dentist, who refers out all orthodontia cases said, “I believe that only a good orthodontist can get really good, long-lasting results.”

Another general dentist, who refers out very few cases said, “I do all my own orthodontics and I believe the average general dentist is fully capable.  It’s just that at dental school it is instilled in us to refer and not touch it!”

The Wealthy Dentist conducted a survey that asked dentists what percentage of orthodontic patients they refer out.

To hear the results of the survey and how dentists responded, Click on Play —

What are your thoughts on general dentists placing braces?

Braces: Dentists Share Their Orthodontic Experiences (video)

Dental braces dentist survey video

Adult braces, Invisalign, and teen braces are all popular orthodontic treatments.
And dentists don’t just provide dental braces; they’re also patients.

The Wealthy Dentist conducted a dental survey asking dentists if they personally have had braces, if any of their children had them, and if they had any further thoughts on their personal braces experience.

“I had teen braces, and I had them as an adult too, and my teeth still moved,” said a Texas dentist.

Jim Du Molin and Julie Frey discuss dentists’ experiences with braces and orthodontia in this video.

“They have become readily accepted and allow us to provide beautiful smiles and proper occlusions for patients of all ages,” declared a Michigan dentist.

“I wish I did not get them when I was younger,” said a Louisiana dentist. “Four bicuspids were removed, and it ruined my smile.”

“I had regular brackets and arch wire braces at age 40. Like many younger patients, I did not wear my retainer and had relapse,” said a Kentucky dentist. “I had Invisalign ortho at age 50 and loved it compared to brackets and arch wires. I continue to wear my Invisalign retainer going on 8 years now.”

What are your thoughts? Any personal experiences you’d care to share?

Friday Random Video: Slow Motion Great White Shark Attacks

Friday Random Video: Slow Motion Great White Shark AttacksTalk about dental anatomy: the great white shark has an average of 3000 teeth at any given time in their adult life.

This week’s Friday random video features a phantom camera capturing slow motion shark attack footage.

Don’t worry, the seals that you will see in this video are fake bait used as decoys to bring the sharks to the surface for filming.

In this rather extraordinary video, we can see how physically strong a great white shark is and how fast they can move through the water.

Enjoy your Friday random video —

Have you ever been close to a shark? What was the experience like?


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