Dental Marketing: Top 10 Ways to Build Dental Website Backlinks

Dental Marketing: Top 10 Ways to Build Dental Website BacklinksLink building should still be an important part of your Internet dental marketing efforts.

Links to your dental website from other trusted websites is still one of the most underutilized SEO tools by dentists in their dental marketing plan. Adding just 5 to ten additional incoming links to your practice website can usually boost your search engine ranking by several pages.

The fastest way for a dentist to acquire links to a dental website is to ask for them.

But how do you get started?  Where do you look for links?  How do you acquire them?

To answer these questions and help you out, The Wealthy Dentist has put together the following–

 Top 10 Ways to Build Dental Website Backlinks

1.  Look to your dentist referral partnerships first.

Do you refer dental patients to a local orthodontist?  A periodontist?  A local oral surgeon? Dentists should start with what is considered low-hanging fruit when it comes to link sharing and link building.  Doctors in your referral network are a great place to start your link building campaign.  Links between similar businesses are some of the strongest links a dental practice can obtain to help with its SEO efforts.

2.  Look to your dental supplies and equipment companies next.

The easiest way to get a link back from a dental supply or equipment company is offer up a website testimonial with a link back to your website instead of listing your city.  It never hurts to ask, especially if you are a valued customer.

3.  Make sure your website is listed on the websites of any local organizations to which you belong.

Is your website listed with your local Chamber of Commerce website?  The Better Business Bureau?  Is your dental website listed with the Rotary club where you are a member?  Professional dental organizations not only can grow your professional network, but also can be a great source for link building to your dental website.

4. Dental patients, family and friends professional websites.

Do you have valued patients who have their own business websites who might link to you as “the best dentist in town?”  Do you have family and friends who have professional websites that would be willing to add a link back to your dental website?

5.  Establish your own presence on 3rd party review websites.

Business review websites like Yelp or DR. Oogle typically have their own community built around them. Ask your favorite dental patients to review your dental practice at these communities when they tell you how happy they are with a certain dental treatment you have just performed. See if you can’t build you own dental patient community around one of these 3rd party review websites.

6. Every social media website available to you.

Social media websites are valuable for SEO because of their sheer size and power. They are typically trusted by search engines and fairly easy to join. When dentists think social media has no real value, they are often forgetting about their link building capability. These sites don’t take long to join and all offer the ability to link back to your website in your profile. Think Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (you could just offer a few of your favorite YouTube videos if you don’t have dental practice videos of your own), Foursquare, Google Places, Pinterest, and Ning to name a few. Make sure to include your dental practice in as many dental directories as possible.

7. Press releases about you and your dental practice.

Press releases are an easy way to build links back to your dental practice website. Not to mention the fact that press releases are often picked up by local, regional and national news websites. There’s,,,,,,, and more — just Google ‘press release distribution’ to see a full list of websites offering press release distribution services.

8. Create fun, comical or entertaining content.

Have you always fancied yourself as an artist with a sense of fun? Can you draw a fun dental cartoon? Can you create fun names for teeth so that people can remember which ones are located where in their mouth? Think about creating something fun that people want to share. An example of this is The Wealthy Dentist’s Dental Marketing: Social Media For Dentists Explained image where social media for dentists was explained in a light-hearted way.  Creating a resource page is another way to obtain links back to your dental website.  Your local city culture offers many resource page ideas like ‘inexpensive places to entertain children over the summer’ or ‘local clean bathrooms for public use’ (every mother who has children will love you for this list).  Even a list of all the local parks that allow dogs can be something your dental patients will want to share.

9.  Sponsor a local event.

Often local events have their own event websites that stay up long after the event has ended.  Think about your local little league or soccer leagues.  Being an event sponsor not only offers you involvement in your dental patient community but a chance to be featured on their websites.

10.   Writing guest articles for online publications.

Most blogs and online publications are always looking for experts in various fields to provide articles.  Get to know the local journalists in your community and introduce yourself as a go-to specialist on dental-related subjects.  Is there a popular blog in your niche where you can offer an expert opinion on teeth whitening, the latest in dental implants, or the proper way to brush your teeth to prevent cavities? There are many top mom bloggers who would love to share advice from dentists along with their regular blog articles.  Just make sure your guest articles always include a link back to your dental website.

Some of these top 10 link building techniques will work better for your dental practice than others.  It’s all about thinking outside the box when it comes to obtaining links back to your dental website. It is one of the most effective dental marketing tools you will ever spend time on.

What link building techniques have worked well for your dental practice website?

Internet Dental Marketing: Dental Website Link Building Strategies

Internet Dental Marketing: Dental Website Link Building StrategiesPart of a well-designed Internet dental marketing plan should include a link building strategy.

Over the past year Google has made even more changes to its search algorithm to offer up websites high in search that people have linked to and shared throughout the web. One of the ways Google decides how popular a website has become is to consider the type of links pointing to your dental website over your competition.

This is why it is important to create a dental marketing plan that includes a strong link building strategy to ensure that your dental practice website is ranking high in search.

But where do you start?

Here are 6 ways to improve your dental website link building:

1. Orthodontist, oral surgeons, prosthodontists and referral practices.
Do you refer business to other specialists? Consider asking for a reciprocal link in return for referring business. You could even recommend that they create a page dedicated to business they work with locally and recommend. Your dental practice could be listed under preferred dentists or dentists they recommend.

2. Friends and family.
Do you have family or friends who are active on the Internet? Do they have a blog or local website where they would be willing to link to your dental practice? Would you be willing to donate some money towards their hosting costs in return for a “Sponsored by” link?

3. Businesses you locally recommend.
Are there businesses in your community to which you regularly refer your dental patients? Have you thought about creating a referral webpage where you link to local businesses in exchange for a link back from their business website?

4. Social Media.
Make sure that you are creating regular dental SEO engagement on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus that includes a link back to your dental practice website.

5. Contests.
Think about creating a contest on your dental practice blog once a month that involves something dental patients would love to have. Ask them to share a link to your contest for even more chances to win.

6. Press releases.
Writing newsworthy press releases with links back to your dental practice website and making sure that they are distributed across newswires can not only raise the interest of reporters looking for stories or interview quotes, but they can also provide your dental practice website with high-quality links.

Some of these link building ideas will work better for your dental practice website than others. It depends on how you run your dental practice and the other dental specialists and local businesses that you engage with on a regular basis. But with just a little bit of effort you can receive links to your dental practice website and improve your search ranking over that of your local competition.

Yes, it does require some work, but doesn’t your dental practice deserve to thrive both online and off?

Dental Marketing and the Future of Personal Search

Dental Marketing and the Future of Personal Search: Facebook's Graph SearchJust when dentists have figured out how to include Google search as part of their dental marketing plan, along comes Graph Search by Facebook.

Facebook Graph Search will allow Facebook users to perform searches based on people, places and interests.

For example, Facebook users can search for dentists mentioned, visited or discussed on Facebook.

PCWorld is calling Facebook’s new Graph Search “the future of search” believing that personalized search is the future of all Internet search.

Facebook Graph Search developers argue that in knowing which of your friends recommend a certain dentist, restaurant, or product, or if they liked it, will help everyone have a more social experience about about their choices both online and off.

Do people really care what dentist their friends choose and are they looking to share that they want to make a dental appointment?

Graph Search makes a lot of assumptions about how people will interact on the Internet in the future and is looking at those born after 1985 to set the trend.

But before we throw the toothbrush out with the toothpaste here and dismiss Facebook’s Graph Search at first glance, stop for a moment to think about a Facebook user searching the term “dentists my friends like” and suddenly Graph Search takes on new meaning, along with revealing the value of having a dental practice Facebook Page.

Last month Google rolled out it’s own personal search called Google Now for mobile users which many industry insiders believe will be the next hot service to take off, but then does anyone remember Search, Plus Your World that Google rolled out last year?

When you are logged into Google and searching the Internet with Google search have you noticed the little icon in your search results indicating personal results based on the Google Plus profiles of people you know or follow?


Whether you believe in the value of social search or not, some of the biggest players on the Internet are investing heavily in the belief that personal search will be the future of search.

This being said, it’s hard to argue against your dental practice marketing plan including a strong social media strategy that reflects an active presence on your dental practice Facebook Page and your Google Plus dental practice Page.

Creating an active social network around your dental practice pages on Facebook and Google Plus will only benefit your dental practice as social searches continue to gain in popularity.

If you think about it, it is possible that personal search users will be more inclined to call your dental practice for an appointment if they see that many in their online social circle “like” your dental practice.

A trust relationship has already been initiated before this new dental patient walks into your dental practice waiting room.

And that is the idea behind any successful dental marketing plan.

Why Google Is the Only Search Engine You Need to Worry About

When it comes to internet marketing, search engine positioning is your most important concern. And while there are lots of search engines out there, the savvy web marketer knows that Google is the only one that really matters.

The latest numbers from June show Google controlling 63% of the web search market, with about 10 billion searches per month. That means that two out of every three web searches went through Google.

Yahoo! had 19% of the market, and Bing (the Microsoft search engine introduced last year) was in third place with 13% of searches.

Yahoo! has announced that it will soon use Microsoft’s Bing for its own organic search infrastructure, but the transition has not yet taken place. Yahoo! has indicated that the switch could take place as early as next month, or as late as next year.

Organic searches are the search results that come up naturally when a person searches for a keyword or keyword phrase. Paid search results are sponsored links that are part of pay-per-click (PPC) web marketing campaigns. Paid search listings typically are displayed above organic search results in a shaded section, or to the right in a sidebar.

While some dental practices use PPC dental marketing, organic search engine optimization is the real goal of dental website marketing. Your search engine ranking (how high your website ranks) depends on the quality of your website content, your keyword optimization, and incoming links from other websites.

When people talk about “search ranking,” they almost invariably mean Google ranking. The holy grail of SEO is for your website to display on the first page of Google search results (that is, in the the first 10 search results) for your target keyword phrases.

To see how your dental practice website ranks with Google, just enter in your target keyword phrase — for example, “cosmetic dentist Tulsa” or “Van Nuys dentures.” And cross your fingers!

If you’re on the first page, you’re doing well. If you’re in the top 3, your SEO is excellent. But if you don’t see your site on the first page of results, it may be time to review your site’s search engine optimization. Internet Dental Alliance specializes in optimizing the SEO for its dental websites.

Understand that in competitive markets, a search engine optimization company will charge you from $400 to $1,400 a month per website, with no guarantee of results. In fact, any company that claims it can guarantee you placement on the first page of Google is misleading you. In the ever-changing world of internet dental marketing and search engine technology, there can be no guarantees.

A note about Google searches: if you’re logged into Google or Gmail when you conduct your search, your results will NOT be the same as what other people will see. Google tracks information (like your location and interests) to display custom search results that it thinks will be most relevant to you. To see the same search results as potential patients, make sure you’re logged out of Google and use the “Private Browsing” option under the “Tools” section of your Internet browser.


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