Root Canal Party When Lil’ Wayne Visits Dentist

Root canals for rapper Lil' WayneRoot canal treatment doesn’t usually make celebrity gossip news… But Lil’ Wayne changed that recently after getting a whopping 8 root canals during a single 8-hour appointment.

He was recently found guilty of felony attempted gun possession, but the judge allowed him to take care of his dental work before reporting to jail for his sentence.

The rapper’s latest CD is #4 on the Billboard charts, but he may be best known for sporting a jewel-encrusted tooth grill.

As a dentist, you probably already suspected that dental grills (or “grillz”) are not good for one’s oral health But a 27-year-old who needs eight root canals?!?

It’s not exactly clear just what sort of dental care he received, but reports suggest that he had some existing dental implants restored, got a few new tooth implants – and, of course, had his grill “tuned up.”

“When you’re as rich as he is, you don’t brush your teeth, you just replace them every year or so,” posted one commenter.

It’s remarkable that someone for whom money is no object would opt for root canal therapy instead of just going straight for dental implant surgery… At any rate, let’s just hope he saw a sedation dentist for that grueling 8-hour session!

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