Root Canal Fees: General Dentist Vs Endodontist

root canal feesThis survey found the average root canal fee is $887 if treatment is performed by a general dentist and $1,500 if done by a specialist, with the majority of dentists surveyed saying they perform root canals.

Fees for different teeth vary only slightly regardless of whether performed by a generalist or a specialist.

At a general practice –

  • D3310 – anterior tooth: $745.00
  • D3320 – bicuspid tooth: $850.00
  • D3330 – molar: $1,013.00

At a specialist practice –

  • D3310 – anterior tooth: $1,300.00
  • D3320 – bicuspid tooth: $1,195.00
  • D3330 – molar: $1,268.00

Root canal therapy costs somewhat more from endodontists than from general dentists, especially on posterior teeth. Of course, an endodontist will perform a difficult root canal, while a general dentist might refer out that endodontic procedure.

Here are some dentist comments about root canals:

  • “I don’t do endo in my office any more. With microscopes and all the other technology available in endo offices, I feel my patients are getting a better quality service with the specialist than I can provide.” (General dentist)
  • “How about when the root canal needs to be extracted 4 months later and the patient demands a refund and/or free extraction?” (General dentist)
  • “Root canals performed by endodontists are a better alternative to tooth extraction.” (Tenessee endodontist)
  • “What used to take several long appointments can now be performed in one appointment, but some require more, so it’s better to refer to an endo.” (General dentist)
  • “I need to raise my fees.” (Texas dentist)
  • “About twenty years ago, the Federal Government prosecuted a small group of dentists who discussed their fees over coffee. The government considered this to be “price fixing” which is against the law. Since then, dentists have been publicly warned not to discuss their fees among themselves or face prosecution.” (California dentist)

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Root Canals are the Most Profitable Procedure in Dentistry (video)

root canalsWhen a Virginia dentist was asked about the cost of root canals, he responded by saying, Root canals are the most predictable and profitable procedure in dentistry.  Dentists who do not do endo lose on the average $90,000!”

Do you believe this to be true?

The Wealthy Dentist conducted a survey that asked dentists about their root canal therapy fees.  Not all dentists agree that performing root canal treatments is worth the money.

“I have never been happier since I was told by a dental consultant: what would you rather do on a Saturday morning, play golf or do a root canal?” said a California dentist.

To hear more of what dentists had to say about root canal fees, please click play and watch the following dental survey video

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What are your thoughts on root canal treatment?

For more on the cost of root canals see: Cost of a Molar Root Canal? $1,000

Dental Survey: How Do Your Root Canal Therapy Fees Compare?

Dental survey: root canal feesThis survey from The Wealthy Dentist asked dictors for specifics about their root canal therapy (RCT) fees, and whether the procedure is profitable.

Fees ranged from  $500 to $1200 for an anterior (front) tooth; and $700 to $1500 for a posterior tooth (molar).

The average anterior fee (rounded to the nearest $100) was $800; the average posterior fee was $1000.  (For any statistics nerds who may be reading this, the  median and mode fee was in the same ballpark.)

A majority (69%) of dentists perform molar root canal procedures themselves; 27% sometimes do it themselves, and 4% always send the molar work out.

We also asked dentists to comment on whether they like doing root canals, and if they are profitable.

Some doctors like performing RCT, but were less than enthusiastic about profitability:

“Some are fun to do and others are nightmares. Money is probably not as good as I’d like.” North Dakota dentist

“I enjoy doing RCT; wish I could get better money for them….” Florida dentist

“It only hurts when I have to accept the insurance fee for the root canal. Which is usually 50% less then my normal fee.” Connecticut dentist

Other doctors enjoy performing root canal treatments and find them financially rewarding, from a dental practice management perspective:

“Yes; profit is higher than many procedures.” Minnesota dentist

“I enjoy root canals and even though quite a bit of materials and instruments are needed to perform one well, I think they are one of the easiest ways to increase production and collections, thus increasing profit.” Texas dentist

“Anteriors and premolars are cost-effective and do not take much time to perform, therefore they make money. Molars are usually exponentially more time consuming for me to make money doing, therefore I refer them out.” Illinois dentist

Do you enjoy root canal therapy cases? Are they profitable for your practice?


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