How Dentists Feel About Dental Peer Reviews (video)

How Dentists Feel About Dental Peer Reviews (video)When there is a conflict between dentist and patient, peer-review boards often mediate the dispute.

This means that dentists frequently end up on the losing side of the peer review equation.

Said one dentist, “Review boards are not impartial and fair, just interested in giving money back to patients.”

One endodontist professed, “It’s far better that getting involved in the judicial system!”

These are just two of the comments dentists offered The Wealthy Dentist when surveyed about the dental peer-review process.

Click on Play to hear more from dentists on how they answered the survey question: Have you been disappointed by dental peer-review?

What are your thoughts on dental peer-reviews?

Dental Peer Review Boards Disappoint Half of Dentists (video)

Dental peer review and dentistsDental peer review boards have disappointed half of dentists, this survey found. Remarkably, though 51% of general dentists reported problems with dental boards, only 14% of specialists did.

“Far better than getting involved in the judicial system!” opined an endodontist..

“As a peer reviewer, I have seen colleagues who have truly committed malpractice,” said a prosthodontist. “However, they are unwilling to admit their errors to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict with their patient. They would rather force the patient into litigation on the chance that the patient would not have the financial means to sue them.”

“I had a new patient to my practice who had 4 dental implants (2 per side) placed into the inferior alveloar nerve bilaterally, causing permanent numbness on her lower jaw on both sides,” said one dentist. “I immediately referred her to an oral surgeon who removed 2 tooth implants and was monitoring the other 2. The patient took the former dentist to peer review, and the dentist got off because peer review said there were worse things going on by other dentists!

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Dental Peer Review Leaves Some Dentists Disappointed

Half of Dentists Report Trouble with Dental BoardsDental Peer Review Survey Results

In our most recent survey, we asked dentists if they have been disappointed by dental peer review. Respondents were split on the issue; 47% reported having problems, while the remaining 53% had no issues with dental boards.

“I think it is a fair process to both the patient and the dentist,” commented one dentist. Another disagreed, saying, “The dentist is assumed guilty; it’s a witch hunt even if you are innocent.”

Post your comments below or read the full peer review survey results.


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