Invisalign Creates Greater Profits for Orthodontists

Invisalign Creates Greater Profits for OrthodontistsIs Invisalign a smarter braces treatment for an orthodontist’s bottom line?

A new study suggests some truth to this by revealing that, while Invisalign clear orthodontic aligners cost more in materials than conventional edgewise braces, they require fewer patient visits and a shorter duration of treatment for dentists.

Researchers reported this finding at the recent American Association for Dental Research annual meeting, according to Medscape News.

Researchers evaluated the records of 150 dental patients with mild to moderate class I malocclusion. The types of orthodontic procedures were matched for the amount of initial malocclusion and the number of rotated teeth.

According to Medscape News, here’s what they found:

Conventional braces required a median of 13.6 minutes for a routine visit, whereas Invisalign required 9.9 minutes. Emergency, initial, and final appointments were all longer than regular visits.

Conventional braces required about 2.6 more visits than Invisalign, treatment for 2.4 months longer, 1.1 more emergency visits, 9.7 minutes more in chair time, 1.2 minutes more emergency doctor time, and 86.2 minutes more in total chair time.

However, Invisalign cost $500 to $1441 more in materials and required 5.9 minutes more doctor time than conventional braces.

Measuring profitability as fees minus the cost of materials, Invisalign was more profitable than conventional braces, the researchers found, especially for Invisalign providers who are charged $899 in lab costs, a discount that the appliance maker, Align, offers to orthodontists who do more cases.

For these doctors, Invisalign provided about $1000 of profit per hour of chair time with the first $2750 in fees to the patient, rising to $3250 with $6000 in fees. Doctors who are charged $1549 in lab costs by Align had a profit of about $500 with the first $2750 in fees, rising to $3000 with $6000 in fees.

Braces were less profitable overall, starting at $750 per hour of chair time with the first $2750 in fees, but reaching only $2000 with $6000 in fees.

Invisalign is clearly the profit-maker when it comes to adding value to an orthodontist’s practice.

For more on this story see: Study Shows Invisalign More Profitable Than Braces

Dentists Love Offering Invisalign (video)

Invisalign dentistsDentists love Invisalign, we found in this survey. Three quarters of general dentists say they offer Invisalign braces to their patients.

“You are crazy not to offer this service," advised one doctor. "As a dentist, we do simple cases and refer out to an orthodontist the complex cases. There are lots of dental CE opportunities to beef up your skill sets."

When it comes to braces, more and more adult braces patients are seeking Invisalign, clear braces, and actual invisible braces. As a matter of dental practice management, it's a good idea to offer patients what they want!

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Orthodontist Thinks Invisalign Destroys Braces Profession

Orthodontist Thinks Invisalign Destroys Braces ProfessionAccording to a recent The Wealthy Dentist survey, the average cost of Invisalign treatments is $4,823 from general dentists and $5,411 from specialists.

A year ago when we ran this same survey, the results revealed that Invisalign treatment costs an average of $4,622, when provided by a dentist, and $6.945 when treated by a specialist.

It would seem that Invisalign costs have come down in the past year.

In the 2011 survey, the dentists who responded noted that the higher cost for Invisalign braces reflected the lab fee that they pay for the Invisalign trays, and many dentists in the 2012 survey still feel the same, with one dentist saying, “The lab fees are $1,500 and up — way to much!”

Graph: The average cost of Invisalign treatments is $4,823 from general dentists and $5,411 from specialists

Florida and New York reported the most expensive treatment costs at $6,000 and $6,500 respectively, while California and Colorado reported some of the lowest at $2,900 and $3,800.

Invisalign costs are still higher when performed by a specialist with orthodontists reporting the highest cost of $6,900, while their dentist counterparts reported a high cost of $5,400.

Here’s what dentists had to say this year about the cost of Invisalign treatment:

“Without braces to back up the crap result, ethics and morals get trumped for a buck. Quit destroying my profession for a buck!” (Colorado orthodontist)

“Price may be more or less depending upon ease or complexity of the case.” (California dentist)

“Lab cost is too high at $1,600.” (Maryland dentist)

“Alignment costs are too high for getting this treatment mainstream to the people who are willing to have adult orthodontia.” (General dentist)

“Far too expensive. The general attitude and culture within the Invisalign company is hostility and arrogance toward general dentist.” (Georgia dentist)

“The lab fees are excessive and Invisalign could use some competition!” (New York dentist)

What are your thoughts on Invisalign treatment costs? Are lab fees too high? Are they worth the cost? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

Dentist Has Invisalign Orthodontia at Age 50 and Loves It

Dentist Has Invisalign Orthodontia at Age 50 and Loves ItDental statistics report that almost 50% of the U.S. population have crooked teeth, irregular bites, or overcrowding.

In a recent The Wealthy Dentist survey we asked dentists if they have ever had braces themselves. 42% said they had braces as children, while 28% said they had braces as adults.

30% revealed they have never had braces in their life.

The American Association of Orthodontists reports that most orthodontia treatment begins between ages 9 and 14. When the same dentists were asked if their children have had braces, 75% responded yes.

Here are some dentist comments on braces:

“I had braces as a child and as an adult too — they still moved.” (Texas dentist)

“I had regular brackets and arch wire braces at age 40. Like many of younger patients I did not wear my retainer and I had a relapse. I had Invisalign orthodontia at age 50 and loved it compared to the brackets and arch wires. I continue to wear my Invisalign retainer going on 8 years now.” (Kentucky dentist)

“I had orthodontia before dental school as a teen by a general dentist, then again during dental school combined with orthographic surgery. I am so glad I had it re-done!” (North Carolina dentist)

“Having orthodontia as a child changed my life.” (General dentist)

“I now wish I did not get them. Four of my bicuspids were removed and it ruined my smile.” (Louisiana dentist)

“I was treated with “four-on-the-floor” and I wish it was done non-extraction. My son has the same structure and I treated him with Occlus-O-Guide and it gave him a great smile and profile. My daughter had fixed orthodontia, non-extraction.” (Illinois dentist)

“I had Invisalign as an adult, and it was a much more pleasant experience!” (Minnesota dentist)

“Four bicuspid extractions with retraction orthodontics resulting in a restricted envelope of function and a lifelong battle with headaches.” (Texas dentist)

“Braces have become much more readily accepted by the population and allow us to provide beautiful smiles and proper occlusions for patients of all ages.” (Michigan dentist)

“Had them. Love my smile.” (Washington dentist)

What has been your personal experience with braces? Did you have braces as a child and as an adult?

How about your children?

Dental Braces: Straight Teeth in 60 Seconds (video)

Dental Braces: Straight Teeth in 60 SecondsThe American Association of Orthodontists is the American professional association for orthodontists.

Through their online orthodontia videos, the AAO provides the public with an overview of what orthodontic treatment is and how braces can benefit patients of all ages.

The AAO  represents more than 17,000 orthodontist members throughout the United States, Canada and abroad. The Association encourages and sponsors key research to enable its members to provide the highest quality of orthodontic dentistry to dental patients, and is committed to educating the public about the need for, and benefits of, orthodontic treatment.

One of their popular online videos is the time-lapsed teeth straightening in 60 seconds. This week, our Friday random video showcases this popular braces YouTube video.

Click on Play to see one young girl’s smile completely changed in 60 seconds by the miracle of dental braces

This video is one of the best dental advertising for orthodontics. She does have such a beautiful smile at the end. Who wouldn’t want that for their child or themselves?


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