Dental Marketing Targets: Sleep Apnea, TMJ & Botox Patients

Best teeth whitening methodsWho do dentists target with their dental marketing? This survey found sleep apnea and TMJ/TMD patients were each targeted by half of responding dentists.

When it comes to the new cosmetic dentistry, we found that 5% of dentists offer cosmetic Botox, 11% offer therapeutic Botox treatment for TMJ treatment, and 14% offer Restylane or other dermal fillers.

“I do this very carefully because of the turf battles for Botox and Fillers. I market quietly and professionally in all areas by using education in the ads. Patients have a sense of entitlement, but in a heartbeat will pay cash for Botox… The Botox and fillers helps subsidize the practice to practice,” said one dentist. “I love providing this service too. No stress, reversible, pts love it and ask for it and pay in full the day of service.”

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Headache Relief from NTI? Some Dentists Say Yes

The NTI-tss is a small oral splint used to treat headaches, TMJ disorder, and teeth grinding. This survey found that two out of three dentists offer the NTI splint. Only 6% report that they do not offer any splint options.

“NTI’s cause open bite issues and damage the TMJs,” warned one, while another said, “Great service for fast relief of many issues!”

Here’s what else dentists had to say about the NTI…

  • “They work great! I have personally worn one for over 4 years and my migraine headaches are a thing of the past.” (Tennessee dentist)
  • “I think the NTI does more damage than good. It is only for immediate pain relief, not as long term appliance.” (California prosthodontist)
  • “There is not data showing the NTI to be better than other types of splints.” (Massachusetts dentist)
  • “I would not recommend and NTI for any condition. I think a full arch splint is necessary.” (California dentist)
  • “NTI is a great service for fast relief of many issues.” (Pennsylvania dentist)
  • “NTI’s cause open bite issues and long-term damage to the TMJ’s.” (Texas dentist)
  • “Small enough to be aspirated. Too Dangerous. Yeah, I know they’ve been used a lot, but all it takes is one lawsuit. One lawsuit for a Nesbit bridge was enough to stop making them.” (Michigan dentist)

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