8 Best Dental Marketing Articles on Facebook for Dentists

8 Best Dental Marketing Articles on Facebook for DentistsIt is not uncommon for dentists to be overwhelmed by the multitude of dental marketing choices available now that the Internet is a factor in marketing to dental patients.

One marketing vector that many dentists are unsure about is Facebook.

They often wonder if having a dental practice Facebook Page is really necessary and worry about patient privacy issues.

But dentists are ignoring the fact that Facebook can be used to provide information on the latest dental treatments and discuss popular news items like fluoridation, or BPA, offering patients a dentist’s point of view on these important subjects.

No longer does a dentist have to wait for the local newspaper to call and ask their opinion about a dental care issue.

A dentist can turn to his or her dental practice Facebook Page and offer their advice on subjects which they feel the media is not accurately reporting.

The Wealthy Dentist has written extensively about using dental Facebook pages, and here are our most popular articles –

1. Dental Marketing: Facebook as an Effective Internet Marketing Tool
Effective dental marketing requires that dentists keep up a regular presence with dental patients in order to ensure success. Having a dental website, blog, newsletter, Google+ page and Facebook page are all important factors in keeping your dental practice in front of your dental patients…

2. 5 Reasons Moms Will Follow Your Dental Practice Facebook Page
Facebook dental marketing involves testing different ways to encourage the public to engage with your dental practice on your Facebook page. This includes everything from liking your page to sharing your videos and blog posts with their Facebook friends…

3. 10 Top Ways Dentists Can Engage Dental Patients on Facebook
Many dentists worry about the number of Facebook followers when they really should be worrying about whether their followers are reading and enjoying what they are posting on Facebook. The difference between Facebook and other dental marketing efforts is that a dental practice needs to invest a little bit of time on Facebook…

4. Dental Marketing with Facebook
Does your dental practice have a Facebook Page? If so, are you leveraging your dental practice Facebook Page to attract more new dental patients? If not, maybe now is the time to consider it as a part of your overall dental marketing plan. Facebook Pages have proved to be more successful for many brands over Facebook advertising…

5. Dental Marketing: The Real Facts About Dentists Using Facebook Pages
With more than 500 million active users now on Facebook, The Wealthy Dentist decided to conduct a survey asking dentists if they have a Facebook page for their dental practice to support their dental marketing efforts. Facebook is now used by 1 in every 13 people on earth and is beating Google in terms of traffic…

6. 5 Simple Online Marketing Strategies for Dentists
Social media is all about connecting with your patients. A dental Facebook Fan page is a great way to provide updates from your office staff, educate patients on new procedures, and promote fun events happening in your office. It’s another way to engage your clients in a way that makes them loyal to your business…

7. Dental Marketing on the Internet: What is the Value?
Social media has joined the Internet dental marketing toolbox along with multiple targeted websites and directory listings that are now required for maximizing new patient flow. Dentists measure many things in order to determine if their actions justify the cost…

8. Suburban Dentists Discover Facebook Pages Are Key to Dental Marketing Success
Facebook has emerged over the past few years as a powerful dental marketing platform. In the U.S. alone, Facebook has approximately 160 million visitors each month – about 3 out of every 4 Internet users – with the majority of them visiting the site on a daily basis…

The Internet Dental Alliance has been helping dentists maximize their Facebook presence for years. IDA dental websites are more than just Facebook compatible – they’re designed to look great and attract patients within your Facebook profile.

Stop by the Facebook Marketing for Your Dental Practice Page on the IDA website today.

Are you currently using Facebook as part of your dental marketing plan? What do you typically share?

Leave us a comment and let us know!

Dental Marketing: Bye Bye Google Places and Hello Google Plus Local

Dental Marketing: Bye Bye Google Places and Hello Google Plus LocalOn April 24th of this year Google released another major search algorithm update called “Penguin” in its ongoing effort to clean up search results.

In its most recent move, Google eliminated Google Places and replaced it with Google Plus Local to increase user interactions on Google Plus. This is just the beginning.

Google further plans to interface Google Plus Local with Zagat to create a more seamless online review platform.

Dental practices and dentists listed on Google Places should have been notified about the conversion to Google Plus Local. It’s important that you check your Google Plus Local listing now because Google is integrating Google Plus Local with Google Maps. You don’t want your dental practice listing to suddenly disappear from Google Maps search.

The migration from Places to Google+ Local has changed the Dashboard view of your dental practice listing and currently all business listings no longer display whether they’ve been claimed or verified. It seems to be a work in progress, so you will want to sign into your Google account once a week and check what is happening with your listing.

Google’s plan is that with a Google Plus Local listing, your dental practice will be found through many online avenues like Google search, Google Maps, mobile search and Google Plus, along with the ability for users of Google Plus to recommend your dental practice to their family and friends.

They can also write an online review about your dental practice — all in one place.

For an idea of how Google Local will look with Zagat, Check out this video from Google –

While this may make it easier for users to find you locally, it’s a bit of a hassle to manage as a business owner.

Right now there isn’t a way to seamlessly manage your Google Plus business Page and your Google Local Listing from one location. Google’s plan for the very near future is to enable easier management of your dental practice presence across all of Google’s platforms through a single Google Plus business page.

As of this writing, Google has not announced a time frame for this enhancement. In the interim, you technically have two Google Plus “pages” that you need to be checking — your Google local listing and your Google Plus business page.

If you haven’t set up your dental practice with a Google Plus page now is the time to get on board with Google Plus. If you still find Google Plus confusing, check out Julie Frey’s article, Dental Marketing with Google Plus that walks you through setting up a Google Plus account.

We will keep you posted on the changes to Google Local as Google releases new information.

What are your thoughts on the changes to Google Places?


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