Want An Easy Way To Try Internet Dental Marketing? Try IDA Dental Website Starter Package

The dental marketing website Starter package from Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. (IDA) is designed for easy set up. It puts dentists in control of their own internet dental marketing campaigns so they can create a steady flow of new patients fill their practices.

Not just any kind of new patients, however.  IDA’s  dental marketing strategy lets dentists home in on generating new leads for their most profitable patients.  That’s why IDA designed its New Patient Marketing Machine™ system to focus on the top 25 consumer dental markets online, based on Google search volume.

Using their online Control Panel, dentists choose the focus for their New Patient Portal based on their practice’s clinical skills, their personal preference for the type of treatment they most enjoy providing, and their practice’s business goals – such as cosmetic dentistry, root canal treatment, dentures, dental implants, braces, conscious sedation, etc.  After dentists enter the basic information about their practice, and make a few more selections to customize their Portal, IDA’s proprietary technology publishes the complete website in less than 10 minutes.

“We’ve made it super easy for you to customize your new Portal for your practice and launch it online within just a few minutes,” says dental practice marketing consultant Jim Du Molin, founder of Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. “You can access your Control Panel any time of night or day, and have your dental website generating new patient leads for your practice 24/7 — month after month.”

For local marketing, dentists select up to five more geographical markets to target, in addition to their main practice location.  Once again, IDA’s unique automation capability goes to work, and adds these local keywords to every web page on the Portal.  That means that each Portal is automatically personalized for each dental practice, and search engine optimized for the doctor’s choice of dental treatments, as well as the best local sources of patients.

About Internet Dental Alliance, Inc.

IDA is the largest North American provider of websites for dentists and dental directories.   Known for its cutting-edge approach to  dental marketing, it completed development of its advanced LeadFire technology in 2012.  LeadFire’s proprietary content generation technology makes it possible for doctors to generate new patient leads within minutes of set up, and uses organic geo-targeted local search, customized and optimized for each dental practice . Internet Dental Alliance provides dental website design, find-a-dentist websites and other dental practice marketing advice.

Top 8 Dental Website Mistakes Dentists Make

Top 8 Dental Website Mistakes Dentists MakeCreating a dental website can be challenging to most dentists, who really just want to practice dentistry.

The problem is that most dentists still underestimate the power of a well-designed dental website and sometimes leave this task to a family member just learning web design to handle such an important dental marketing tool.

Here are 8 of the more prevalent mistakes in dental websites today, and why fixing them matters —

1. Complicated web designs that are difficult for visitors to navigate.
Visitors may be accessing your dental website via mobile, so keep your website design simple so that your site can be easily viewed on multiple devices, browsers, operating systems, and Internet speeds. Stay away from dark colors that are difficult to read and font that is too small to be read a foot from the computer screen. While less is more in web design, fonts should be easy to read and large enough to read without the use of reading glasses.

2. Not making it clear that you are a dentist.
This statement may sound funny to you, but sometimes dentists can get too caught up in creating a website that is fun for kids to view, forgetting that it is their busy parents who are trying to get information quickly about you and your dental practice when they search for you online. Stay away from moving graphics or anything that distracts from what dental treatments your practice offers.

3. Not placing your phone number where it’s easy to find.
Your contact information is your most important marketing tool. Make sure your phone number is visible on every page of your website in exactly the same place — big enough to be easily read on a smart phone. Ask them to call you and make it easy for them to do so. Do you have an after hours answering service? This is a strong selling point. Be sure to offer this information right with your phone number.

4. Not having a clear call to action.
Tell your web visitor what you would like them to do. Do you want them to call your dental practice for an appointment? Tell them. Does your office provide services that your competition does not? Tell your visitors right away and ask them to contact you to take advantage of this service. Be clear. Be bold.

5. Too much content.
Don’t fill your web pages with images and content in every square inch of your website. Don’t be afraid of the white space. It’s difficult to read on the Internet so make it easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for by keeping content to a minimum.

6. Thinking that now that you’ve built a website, everyone will come.
You have to know what terms people will search to find a dentist in your area and have an Internet marketing plan to drive traffic to your dental practice website. Just putting a dental website up on the Internet isn’t enough. You’ve got to be listed in local search, online review sites and dentist directories to name a few. You need to add your web address to all correspondence — even to your dental sign and front door.

7. Allowing your website to grow stale.
Keep your website updated with fresh images, social sharing buttons, and the latest dental technology your office utilizes to let visitors know that you care and value their experience enough to stay up-to-date on the latest dental trends, treatments and technology. Share what is happening in the industry on your Facebook Page and engage your fans in a conversation about what they think.

8. Letting someone in your family or a good friend create your dental website.
When it comes to dental websites, you absolutely get what you pay for so don’t leave your online presence to hobby web developers. Hire a professional and consider the money you spend on your dental website as an investment in your dental practice. A well-designed dental website can bring you many new high-value dental patients with just the click of a mouse. Don’t throw this opportunity away by not giving your dental website the priority it deserves.

You can avoid all of these dental website mistakes mentioned here by hiring the right web design company to build your dental website correctly from the very beginning. With the Internet Dental Alliance Dental Website Template Library, you can relax about your dental website design while maintaining total control of the look and feel of your site.

Stop by the Internet Dental Alliance today to see just how easy it is to create a dental website with good design structure built right into the template.

Dental Marketing Strategy For Targeted Dental Patient Leads: Multiple IDA Websites

Dentists who want  internet dental marketing campaigns that focus on specific kinds of patients and that are easy to set up will be glad to know about the new plans from Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. (IDA).  They’re engineered for easy set up and management, and dentists choose the specific kinds of high value patients they want their New Patient Portal (dental website) to attract for their practice.

“We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to customize your IDA New Patient Portals in order to attract the kinds of new patients you want to your dental practice,” says  dental practice marketing consultant Jim Du Molin, founder of Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. “You can access your Control Panel any time of  night or day.  Just fill in the information about your dental practice, choose the type of treatment you want to promote for each Portal – and with a few mouse clicks, your dental websites are ready to attract new patients 24/7.”

The IDA New Patient Marketing Machine™ Pro 3 and Pro 5 packages provide doctors with multiple dental website design (New Patient Portals) that can be easily set up and managed from their online Control Panel.  Doctors can select the focus of each of their Portals from more than 25 dental patient markets that have high demand based on search volume – like cosmetic dentistry, anxiety-free dentistry, Invisalign® braces, dental implants, root canal therapy and more.

To maximize the potential of IDA’s dental marketing strategy, dentists can also choose up to five local geographical markets in addition to the main practice location.  This combination of focusing on the best local sources of patients, along with the dental treatments that are the best fit with doctors’ clinical skills lets dentists multiply the effects of their online marketing campaigns.

Each turnkey Portal features automatic search engine optimization (SEO) for both local and dental market keywords.  IDA’s proprietary content publishing technology lets dentists set up, customize and SEO hundreds of web pages in less than 10 minutes.

About Internet Dental Alliance, Inc.

IDA is the largest North American provider of websites for dentists and dental directories.   Known for its cutting-edge approach to dental marketing, it completed development of its advanced LeadFire technology in 2012.  LeadFire’s proprietary content generation technology makes it possible for doctors to generate new patient leads within minutes of set up, and uses organic geo-targeted local search, customized and optimized for each dental practice . Internet Dental Alliance provides dental website design, find-a-dentist websites and other dental practice management advice.

Want Hands-Free Mobile Dental Marketing? Check Out IDA Dental Websites

Smart phones, iPads and tablets now outnumber laptops and desktops — especially for finding local services. That’s why Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. (IDA) includes mobile dental marketing websites with each of its New Patient Marketing Machine™ dental website packages – and there’s no extra set up needed.

IDA’s new Starter package features a single New Patient Portal ( dental website) that automatically launches a basic mobile landing page when site visitors are using mobile devices.  The Pro 3 and Pro 5 packages feature multiple New Patient Portals, and are recommended for doctors who offer several types of dental services, who have dental associates or who have multiple practice locations.  These packages have expanded mobile websites that let site visitors read doctor profiles and schedule appointments online using their mobile devices.

“There’s no question that mobile marketing websites for dental practices are now a necessity,” says dental marketing guru Jim Du Molin, founder of Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. “Most regular websites don’t automatically display properly on mobile devices.  So it’s crucial for dental practices to have an effective mobile app so consumers using smart phones and iPads can find them.”

IDA’s mobile websites are fully integrated into each New Patient Portal, and are programmed to automatically display whenever the dental practice websites are being accessed by any mobile device – whether it’s an Apple, Windows or Android operating system.  That means dentists don’t have to worry about setting up special mobile sites, finding outside programmers or buying extra themes or skins.

Each IDA New Patient Marketing Machine™ package is a complete online lead generation system, designed for fast and easy customization and set up.  Dentists or their authorized staff members can access their own online Control Panel any time of night or day.  They can select their Portals’ dental web design from dozens of options, and choose the types of dental treatments they want to promote from the top 25 most frequently searched online dental markets.  After making their selections, dentists can publish their customized Portals in less than 10 minutes to start attracting new patients for their practices.

About Internet Dental Alliance, Inc.

IDA provides dental management advice and customized resources to dental practices, including online  dental practice marketing services such as website design, find-a-dentist websites and dentist web sites which are search engine optimized based on dental market (dental SEO). Internet Dental Alliance is North America’s largest provider of websites for dentists, dental management advice and dental directories. In 2012, it completed its advanced Lead Fire lead generation system, which automates content marketing, can be set up within minutes, is based on organic geo-targeted local search, and is customized for each dental office.

Is Your Dental Website up to Mobile Speed? Mobile Use has Doubled

Is Your Dental Website up to Mobile Speed? Mobile Use has DoubledDentists without mobile-ready dental websites take heed: the latest Ericsson Mobility Report reveals that approximately 40% of all phones sold in the 3rd quarter were smartphones.

Data traffic doubled between quarter 3 of 2011 and quarter 3 of 2012, and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of around 50% between 2012 and 2018.

Ericsson’s research shows that online video is the biggest contributor to mobile traffic volumes, constituting 25% of total smartphone traffic and 40% of total tablet traffic, meaning that users are looking for entertainment and more video-related content.

However, a Nielsen Norman Group Report found that mobile users face severe usability problems in attempting to get things done on today’s websites, whether dedicated mobile sites or traditional desktop-optimized sites that are rendered through a mobile browser.

It would seem that dentists aren’t the only business demographic that are lacking in mobile-ready websites.

But as mobile use continues to grow, it will create opportunities for dental practices to stay more connected with dental patients than they ever did in the past and having a mobile-friendly dental website will continue to gain importance as more and more people carry the Internet around with them in their pockets and purses.

Jakob Nielsen, of the Nielsen Norman Group, thinks the increase in mobile data usage is because when people sometimes have time to kill, instead of calling a friend, or picking up a magazine, they use their smart phones to check out what’s happening on the web and read email. One smart phone user said: “I tend to look at a lot more marketing material on my phone. It’s because at home I wouldn’t sit and give them the time. But if I’m on the move and have the spare time, I do it.” (Nielson’s Alertbox)

Think about what that can mean for a mobile newsletter or ways of booking a dental appointment without having to call a dental practice.

Media experts see a future where businesses have actually three types of websites: one for smart phones, one for tablets and one for the large screen. With smart phones being the main way users run their everyday life, from choosing where to eat, messaging their dry cleaner and booking appointments.

Even doctors are becoming more mobile with physician adoption of mobile devices for professional purposes doubling since 2011, according to a Taking the Pulse U.S. 2012 survey. They have found advantages to being a web-portable doctor.

Douglas Gilstrap, Senior Vice President and Head of Strategy at Ericsson, says: “Expectations of mobile-network quality have been elevated by the availability of smartphones and tablets that have changed the way we use the Internet. Mobility is becoming an increasingly significant part of our daily lives; we always have devices within arm’s reach, allowing us instant access to information, entertainment and social interaction.”

If your dental website isn’t currently mobile-friendly, what is your main reason for resisting the growing mobile trend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. For a short video on what kind of mobile marketing you need . . . check out this link: http://internetdentalalliance.com/dentist-mobile-marketing.htm

For more on this story see: Ericsson Mobility Report Shows Rapid Smartphone Uptake and Doubling of Mobile Data Traffic 


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