Dental Management Companies: Dentist Survey Video

Dental management companies dentist survey videoDental management companies can be useful, but many dentists feel they cross a line with dental practice ownership.

We conducted a survey asking dentists if they agree or disagree with the statement that, “Only dentists should own dental practices.”

Fully 89% of the dentists responding to this survey agree that dental practice ownership should be reserved for dentists, not dental management companies or private investors.

Jim Du Molin and Julie Frey discuss dentists’ thoughts on dental management companies in this video.

“Corporate dentistry is here,” acknowledges a California orthodontist, “but only a dentist should be allowed to own a practice or corporation. They will more likely to put the patients’ best interest first, before corporate profits to shareholders and investors.”

“Dentistry is becoming a commodity, just like a loaf of bread,” said a Washington dentist. “All the dental advertising and giveaways have cheapened the status of dentists and dentistry.”

A Colorado dentist offered, “Some dentists are just not cut out to be business people and should just stick to clinical treatment.”

What would you advise a dentist considering joining forces with a dental management company?

Braces: Dentists Share Their Orthodontic Experiences (video)

Dental braces dentist survey video

Adult braces, Invisalign, and teen braces are all popular orthodontic treatments.
And dentists don’t just provide dental braces; they’re also patients.

The Wealthy Dentist conducted a dental survey asking dentists if they personally have had braces, if any of their children had them, and if they had any further thoughts on their personal braces experience.

“I had teen braces, and I had them as an adult too, and my teeth still moved,” said a Texas dentist.

Jim Du Molin and Julie Frey discuss dentists’ experiences with braces and orthodontia in this video.

“They have become readily accepted and allow us to provide beautiful smiles and proper occlusions for patients of all ages,” declared a Michigan dentist.

“I wish I did not get them when I was younger,” said a Louisiana dentist. “Four bicuspids were removed, and it ruined my smile.”

“I had regular brackets and arch wire braces at age 40. Like many younger patients, I did not wear my retainer and had relapse,” said a Kentucky dentist. “I had Invisalign ortho at age 50 and loved it compared to brackets and arch wires. I continue to wear my Invisalign retainer going on 8 years now.”

What are your thoughts? Any personal experiences you’d care to share?

Facebook Dental Marketing: What Dentists Think (video)

Facebook dental marketing dentist survey videoFacebook dental marketing may be picking up steam, but many dentists still don’t know how to use social media for internet dental marketing.

In this survey, two out of three of dentists report having a Facebook business page, while only one-third do not.

“We are able to connect not only with our own patients, but also with their Facebook friends when they like or share one of our posts or videos,” said a Missouri dentist. “It helps us to get the word out.”

Check out Jim Du Molin and Julie Frey discussing the topic of social media marketing in this short video…

What are your thoughts on using Facebook for dental practice marketing?


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