Dental Video Marketing: How To Optimize Your YouTube Dental Videos

Dental Video Marketing: How to Optimize Your YouTube Dental VideosDental videos are an important part of a Internet dental marketing strategy, and YouTube is not only one of the most popular search engines, but it is also the most popular site for publishing videos.

If you are a dental practice that is using YouTube to spread the word about your dental practice, are you setting them up so that they perform the way that you need them to?

Here are 5 dental video marketing tips for optimizing your dental videos on YouTube for search —

1. Plan your video title.
The video title can be up to 100 characters long, so it’s important to put your dental practice name at the beginning (think about how you want your videos to show up in Google search when someone searches for you) followed by your keyword phrase. Something like, “City Name XYZ Dental Practice Dental Implant Process or you could move around your geo-targeted words “XYZ Dental Practice City Name Dental Implant Process.”

YouTube has a keyword research tool at where you can research the phrases you want to use.

2. Transcribe your videos and add keywords.
Be sure to replace YouTube’s video transcription with your own text file. It’s simple to upload and you can make sure that your transcription actually matches what you are saying in the video, but you can add keyword phrases like your geo-targeted dental practice location to further help search engines find your content online.

3. Think carefully about tags.
Think about 7 keywords to use as tags to best describe your video. Tags associate videos with other videos on YouTube with the same tag which creates the “related video” section. What associated videos would you like to appear with on YouTube? As you can see tags are more than just describing what your content is about, it also determines what videos you will be connected with on YouTube.

4. Utilize the description area.
Use the description area as a blog post about the video. Put your web address at the very beginning so that it shows first – right under your video. Make sure to list a contact email and phone number. Too many YouTube videos under-utilize the description area and don’t use it as an opportunity to discuss the video and what you have to offer.

5. Share your videos.
Be sure to share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and in your dental practice newsletters. YouTube factors the number of times your dental practice videos have been viewed within a certain time-frame. The more your videos are viewed, the higher the video ranks on YouTube, which brings with it the attention of mainstream media and can land your dental videos on YouTube’s top videos list.

These simple techniques can make all the difference in who sees and shares your YouTube videos. Utilizing dental videos is another way to fill up the first page of search with content relevant to your dental practice instead of random websites that simply happen to use the same keywords.

The Internet Dental Alliance provides informational videos that dentists can optionally include in their dental website New Patient Portals. These professional videos educate current and prospective patients on dental topics like cosmetic dentistry, tooth whitening, braces, dental implants, and more. Click here to see how videos personalize dental websites and increase the conversion rate of visitors to appointment requests.

Dental Video Marketing: How to Rank High on YouTube

Dental Video Marketing: How to Rank High on YouTubeRecent changes to YouTube means the longer viewers watch your dental videos on YouTube the more it helps your dental video marketing efforts.

YouTube announced on their blog this week that they’ve started adjusting the ranking of videos in YouTube search to reward the videos that viewers keep watching.

This recent change is a continuation of Google’s ongoing efforts to focus YouTube video discovery features on watch time, and follows changes that were made to Suggested Videos earlier this year and adjustments to YouTube Analytics, YouTube reports.

What this means for your dental video marketing is the more time viewers spend watching your video, the better chances your video has of ranking higher in search.

YouTube states, “The experimental results of this change have proven positive — less clicking, more watching. We expect the amount of time viewers spend watching videos from search and across the site to increase. As with previous optimizations to our discovery features, this should benefit your channel if your videos drive more viewing time across YouTube.”

What type of videos do YouTube viewers most like to watch?

1. How-to videos.
2. Inspirational.
3. Humorous.
4. Music.
5. Motivational.
6. Informative.
7. Insider secrets.
8. Feel good.
9. Challenging a belief about something.
10. Competitions.

Even though watch time has now become an important part of ranking on YouTube, other marketing factors that are still important when placing videos on YouTube. They are —

1. A keyword rich title that tells the viewer exactly what they will be getting from your video.
The title should be less than 60 characters. If you aren’t sure what keyword phrase best describes your video, do a search in YouTube and see what YouTube suggests to you in the search window. “Dental makeover” is a popular search term on YouTube. Combine a popular keyword phrase with a “How to” statement and you have a winning title.

2. A fully maximized description under your video.
The very first line of your description should be your dental practice name and website address (with http:). Treat your description area like a blog post and make sure you include your keyword phrase in the content. If your video is about dental makeovers (for example) make sure the term dental makeover appears in your description more than once. End with a call to action and your phone number, or an email address for your dental practice.

3. Maximizing quality tags.
Tags are the keywords to YouTube. Make sure you use tags that your potential viewers may search for. Also think in terms of geo-targeted tags that include your city name and your dental practice name. Create at least 10 tags and make sure you use both the singular and plural. For example, if your dental video was about dental makeovers, you’d want a tag for both dental makeovers and dental makeover.

4. Creating joint ventures.
Partnering with other businesses related to your dental practice to create a dental video is a great way to increase your audience share. For example, maybe there is an orthodontist that you always refer your dental patients to for braces. Do a video together that you and the orthodontist can share on each others’ websites and social media channels. Maybe you interview each other about how to know when it is the right time for braces, what’s involved in taking care of your teeth with braces, and how to choose the right braces. It could be a part of a dental makeover video series. Joint venture videos allow you and the orthodontist to share audiences and reach a wider demographic than your video might not normally reach.

5. Writing your own dental video transcription.
When you upload a video, YouTube will attempt to transcribe your dental video for you. Sometimes it is pretty good at transcribing, but many times it will miss important words like your keyword phrase and not complete your sentences. You can create a text transcription of your dental marketing video and upload it to YouTube. When you are signed into your YouTube channel, the video transcription falls under the Caption tab. Click on the Button that says, “Upload caption file or transcript” and upload the text file of your transcript. This will make your video closed captioned. Also make sure that your transcript includes the same words as your tags.

6. Include links to your videos in your emails and newsletters.
Help your videos be found by your dental patients by including links to a particular video (or your video channel) in your dental newsletters and your dental practice email correspondence.

7. Featuring your videos on other media.
Feature your videos on your dental practice website and on your social media channels like Facebook. Create a press release about your video if you think that traditional media might be interested in what you are sharing with the public.

Dentists sometimes wonder why dental videos and blogging are an important part of their dental marketing plan. Dental videos and blogs create trust and instant rapport with the visitor. A dentist can quickly set themselves up as the authority for their profession in their city through the use of effective dental videos.

Potential dental patients are also able to connect with the dentist and the dental practice before they walk into the waiting room for the first time.

The Internet Dental Alliance web portals allow dentists to easily add a Video Gallery page to their dental website. See the Dental Video Marketing page for more details on this exciting way to incorporate video dental marketing into an IDA dental website.

Friday Random Video: Where in the Hell is Matt 2012 (video)

Friday Random Video: Where in the Hell is Matt 2012My favorite online video personality is Matthew “Matt” Harding of the “Where the Hell is Matt?” video series.

Matt was a video game designer who, in 2003, took time off from work to travel and see the world.

As a joke to family and friends, he set up the site, “Where in the Hell is Matt” to allow everyone to keep track of his travels.

On a suggestion from a friend, Matt chose to update his travel status with video recordings of him doing his “funny dance” at different locations. The videos were so entertaining that they were passed around the Internet and Matt became an instant Internet celebrity.

The makers of Stride Gum took notice and offered to sponsor Matt’s future travels if he’d filmed his dancing.

His “Where the Hell is Matt? (2008)” video has been watched over 40,900,000 times on YouTube since 2011 and Harding’s YouTube channel is ranked “#83 – Most Subscribed (All Time)” as of December 22, 2010. (Wikipedia)

Matt has just released his latest travel dance video for 2012 and already it has been viewed over a million times on YouTube alone.

His videos make me smile and remind me what is possible in the world.

Enjoy this Friday random video —

Does this video give you some ideas for what is possible with online video marketing?

Videos can personalize your dental website and increase the conversion rate of visitors to appointment requests. Video clips are rapidly becoming part of the successful dentist’s marketing toolbox.

Internet Dental Alliance provides informational videos that dentists can optionally include in their New Patient Portals. These professional videos educate current and prospective patients on dental topics like cosmetic dentistry, tooth whitening, braces, dental implants, and more.

For more on this exciting dental marketing opportunity see: Dental Video Marketing Opportunities

Why Web Videos Are a Perfect Choice for Internet Dental Marketing

Why Web Videos Are a Perfect Choice for Internet Dental MarketingRecent reports have revealed that video appears in around 70% of the top Google search listings.

Online dental video marketing is an easy way to gain attention for your dental practice and beat your competition in search results.

When it comes to Internet dental marketing, there is no better investment than web videos.

For this reason, in our most recent The Wealthy Dentist survey, we asked dentists if they do any web video marketing.

Only 37% of the dentists answered yes, while 63% said no.

Internet Dental Marketing: Graph on dentists who use dental video marketing

Of the 37% of dentists who are actively using web video marketing, 71% use the videos on their dental websites, while 29% use video for blog content. 57% use web videos for social sharing, and 29% use video in all of these mediums.

Rural dentists were just as likely to use web video as urban and suburban dentists.

Here’s what dentists had to say about using web video marketing —

“I have done some video, but I am just not sure what to do with it.” (General dentist)

“What kind of video content should we be creating?” (California dentist)

“I think our office creates enjoyable videos, many of which fall into various treatment categories for our patients. They seem to like them.” (Minnesota dentist)

“I’m not sure I want to be on video…” (New York dentist)

What prevents you from using dental video marketing?

We’d like to hear your experiences and thoughts about this new marketing vector.


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