Dentist Attitudes Towards the ADA (video)

Dentist attitudes toward the ADADentist opinions about the American Dental Association span the gamut.

In this survey, 48% of dentist respondents said the ADA is an accurate representation of dentists, while 52% feel the ADA is a tool for specialists to maintain the status quo.

“Apparently, from this sedation dentistry debacle the ADA has no problem limiting ‘Access to Care,’ which I actually thought they cared about. I say we have fools for representatives,” scoffed one dentist. Agreed another, “They are trying to limit our ability to perform oral conscious sedation, and I think that is a tragedy for our patients!”

One dentist offered this straightforward advice: “ADA should be marketing dentistry like the Milk Foundation does the ‘Got Milk’ campaign. Couldn’t tell you a thing that they do that is positive for dentists.”

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Should Cosmetic Dentistry Be Its Own Dental Specialty? (video)

Should Cosmetic Dentistry be Its Own Dental Specialty? (video)Cosmetic dentistry is the biggest buzzword in dentistry today.

According to the AACD’s 2011 State of the Cosmetic Dentistry Industry survey, dental practice revenues generated from cosmetic dental procedures will likely remain stable, with growth anticipated in some categories.

As cosmetic dental treatments continue to grow in popularity, should it be its own dental specialty?

With the increase in demand for cosmetic dentistry, The Wealthy Dentist conducted a survey asking dentists if cosmetic dentistry should be recognized by the ADA as its own specialty.

Dentists weren’t so sure.  As one dentist responded, “Name one dentist who does ugly dentistry.  This specialty will insult the whole dental profession.  Cosmetic dentistry is a legalized ripoff!”

On the other side, we have the dental marketing specialist who said, “The answer is YES.  I cannot tell you how many dental patients I have seen who needed a complete redo because clinicians did not understand the concept of Smile Design.”

To hear more of what dentists had to say about cosmetic dentistry and how they responded to this survey, Click on Play to watch the video —


What do you think about cosmetic dentistry?

Do you think cosmetic dentistry should be its own specialty?


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