Dental Practice Marketing: Do Specialists Refer Patients Back to Dentists? (video)

Dental Practice Marketing: Do Specialists Refer Patients Back to Dentists? (video)When it comes to specialists, a lot of general dentists feel like they can’t live with them, but they can’t live without them either.

When it comes to dental practice marketing and general dentists referring dental patients out to specialists, they secretly fear they will never see those patients again.

Complained one dentist, Periodontists never refer back, never keep me informed of the treatment rendered and even refer my patients to oral surgeons for things I would like to do myself.”

But a more optimistic dentist advised, “Building a good relationship with your specialists is critical. Specialist referrals are our second greatest source of new dental patients, after existing patient referrals.”

The Wealthy Dentist conducted a survey asking dentists how frequently their patients are referred back after being sent out for treatment by specialists.

To hear how the dentists responded, Click Play to hear the survey results —

Dentists: do specialists you work with refer patients back to you? Are referrals from specialists a factor in your dental practice marketing?

Endodontists Want Dentists to Refer Root Canals (video)

root canal surveyRoot canals might be something patients dread, but a lot of dentists like doing them — except for the ones who hate them!

The Wealthy Dentist conducted a survey that asked dentists if the they treat root canals or refer them out to endodontists. This survey elicited a variety of colorful responses.

Many endodontists wished GP dentists would quit attempting to do root canals PERIOD.

Several urban dentists acknowledged they do not enjoy performing root canals and always refer them out, whereas rural dentists stated that they almost never refer their patients out for root canals.

Rural dentists are distinctly more likely to treat root canals themselves, while urban and suburban dentists tend to refer out almost all their root canals.

A Nevada endodontist wrote, “If every dentist could spend one week in my endodontic practice, they would all stop doing endodontics. It is an absolute tragedy . . . the quality of work is terrible. I see so many hacked-up teeth with gigantic accesses, separated files, perforated roots, etc . . . It is embarrassing. I cannot tell patients their dentist is worthless and should never do another root canal in his life . . . “

Click on play to watch the video –

For more on this survey see: Root Canals: Who Needs an Endodontist?


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