Dental Marketing with Facebook

Dental Marketing with FacebookDoes your dental practice have a Facebook Page?

If so, are you leveraging your dental practice Facebook Page to attract more new dental patients?

If not, maybe now is the time to consider it as a part of your overall dental marketing plan.

With the Facebook IPO launch last Friday, Experian Hitwise, the company that measures traffic and activity by people on the Internet, released their updated U.S. data showing the impact Facebook has online with its growth over the years.

Here are 15 stats from the May 18th IPO:

  1. received 9% of all U.S. Internet visits in April 2012.
  2. received more than 1.6 billion visits a week and averaged more than 229 million U.S. visits a day for the year-to-date.
  3. 1 in every 5 page views in the U.S. occurred on
  4. has received more than 400 billion page views this year in the U.S.
  5. The average visit time on is 20 minutes.
  6. The audience skews more female (56%) than male.
  7. became the #1 ranked website in the U.S. on March 9, 2010.
  8. The term ‘Facebook’ is the most searched term in the U.S. and has been for the past three years, starting the week ending July 18, 2009.
  9. Facebook-related terms account for 6% of the top searched terms in the U.S. and Facebook-related terms made up 4 of the top 10 U.S. searches (among the top 100 search terms for the 4 weeks ending May 12, 2012).
  10. users are highly loyal to the website; 96% of visitors to were returning (defined as visited within past 30 days) visitors in April 2012.
  11. 10 states account for 52% of visits to – California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina based on year-to-date average.
  12. The top states where users are more likely to visit versus the online population are: West Virginia, Kentucky, Maine, Vermont, Arkansas, Iowa, Indiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Alabama based on year-to-date average.
  13. The New York City DMA provides the largest volume of traffic to and the Charleston, WV DMA is the area where users are most likely to visit compared to the online population.
  14. is the top social networking site in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Brazil, France, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore markets.
  15. is the top overall site in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. ranks 2nd in the U.K., Brazil, France, and Australia.

Facebook Pages have proved to be more successful for many brands over Facebook advertising.  For this reason, just before the Facebook  IPO offering GM pulled out of their Facebook ad campaign.

Facebook Pages appear to be more successful at engaging dental patients than paying for a Facebook ad. This is most likely because Facebook Pages feel more personal to the general public than Facebook ads.Facebook Dental Marketing

The Internet Dental Alliance  has been helping dentists maximize their Facebook presence for years. IDA dental websites are more than just Facebook compatible – they’re designed to look great and attract patients within your Facebook profile.

Stop by the Facebook Marketing for Your Dental Practice Page on the IDA website today.

To view the Hitwise stats see: 15 Stats About Facebook

Facebook Dental Marketing (Video)

Dental marketing with FacebookFacebook dental marketing is picking up steam.

But a lot of dentists still don’t know how to use social media for internet dental marketing.

“It’s educational for new and current patients,” said a Minnesota dentist. “Facebook is a necessity in today’s social media driven society.”

“Not a huge hit yet, but lots of potential for referrals from our patients that not only ‘Like’ us, but love us: our raving fans,” said an Illinois dentist.

We conducted a survey asking dentists if they have a Facebook Business Page. About two thirds of the respondents have one.

Jim Du Molin and Julie Frey discuss how dentists are using Facebook in their dental practice marketing:

Most dentists use Facebook for dental practice marketing in the following ways:

  • to share basic information about their business
  • to share content like videos and images
  • to connect with current dental patients
  • to offer specials and discounts

About one third of our surveyed dentists use it for connecting with peers in dentistry.

Half of the dentists who aren’t on Facebook said they’re just not sure what to do.

“I don’t use it very well or very much,” said a California dentist. “I also don’t really know what to do. I’m sure it’s something I SHOULD be doing. I wish I could learn and arrange time to do everything I SHOULD be doing.”

“I’m not sure how the best, most cost-effective way to use it in a way that fits our practice,” wondered an Alabama dentist.

The best thing to do is to use Facebook as just one part of your overall internet dental marketing strategy — link your dental website and your practice’s Facebook profile to attract more new patients.

“We are able to connect not only with our own patients, but also with their Facebook friends when they like or share one of our posts or videos,” said a Missouri dentist. “It helps us to get the word out.”

Does your practice have a Facebook page?

How Do Dentists Use Social Networking? (Video)

Dental practice marketing with internet video

Do social media sites play a significant role in doctors’ dental marketing efforts?

Social networking has become part of the dental marketing landscape.

But not all dentists are tech-savvy or interested in social media.

“We have absolutely used social media to bring in new patients to our practice,” declared a Missouri dental office worker.

“I’ve decided to start asking patients for feedback and testimonials, and we’ve started to publish these testimonials,” said a California orthodontist.

Jim and Julie discuss what sort of social networking dentists do online.

Nine out of 10 dentists responding to this survey use Facebook for online networking, both personally and professionally.

One in three is on LinkedIn, one in four is on Twitter, one in five is on YouTube. Only one in eight is on Google Plus.

Only 13% of dentists in this survey have a professional blog.

There are a lot of ways dentists can use the internet to connect with potential new patients.

“We have 128 likes on our Facebook page. It provides easy interaction with patients who are active users,” offered a Minnesota dentist.

“We are at the beginning stages of our Facebook marketing,” said a West Virginia dentist. “We are using it as an informational, personable and promotional platform. We are giving our patients useful information, keeping them updated on what is new in our office, and giving away prizes for liking our page. We also give patients $5 off their services when they check in.”

“I really do not have the time or inclination to follow through with these media,” said a Massachusetts dentist.

We have a business Facebook page which does well for us,” said an Ohio prosthodontist. “I update it regularly and have a couple staff members who like to write updates on the wall, too.”

If Facebook is something you’re doing anyway, it only takes a little extra effort to use that platform to promote your practice.

Internet dental marketing doesn’t just include dental websites. You need to consider find-a-dentist directories, business listings, and social media.

Dental Marketing and the Future of Personal Search

Dental Marketing and the Future of Personal Search: Facebook's Graph SearchJust when dentists have figured out how to include Google search as part of their dental marketing plan, along comes Graph Search by Facebook.

Facebook Graph Search will allow Facebook users to perform searches based on people, places and interests.

For example, Facebook users can search for dentists mentioned, visited or discussed on Facebook.

PCWorld is calling Facebook’s new Graph Search “the future of search” believing that personalized search is the future of all Internet search.

Facebook Graph Search developers argue that in knowing which of your friends recommend a certain dentist, restaurant, or product, or if they liked it, will help everyone have a more social experience about about their choices both online and off.

Do people really care what dentist their friends choose and are they looking to share that they want to make a dental appointment?

Graph Search makes a lot of assumptions about how people will interact on the Internet in the future and is looking at those born after 1985 to set the trend.

But before we throw the toothbrush out with the toothpaste here and dismiss Facebook’s Graph Search at first glance, stop for a moment to think about a Facebook user searching the term “dentists my friends like” and suddenly Graph Search takes on new meaning, along with revealing the value of having a dental practice Facebook Page.

Last month Google rolled out it’s own personal search called Google Now for mobile users which many industry insiders believe will be the next hot service to take off, but then does anyone remember Search, Plus Your World that Google rolled out last year?

When you are logged into Google and searching the Internet with Google search have you noticed the little icon in your search results indicating personal results based on the Google Plus profiles of people you know or follow?


Whether you believe in the value of social search or not, some of the biggest players on the Internet are investing heavily in the belief that personal search will be the future of search.

This being said, it’s hard to argue against your dental practice marketing plan including a strong social media strategy that reflects an active presence on your dental practice Facebook Page and your Google Plus dental practice Page.

Creating an active social network around your dental practice pages on Facebook and Google Plus will only benefit your dental practice as social searches continue to gain in popularity.

If you think about it, it is possible that personal search users will be more inclined to call your dental practice for an appointment if they see that many in their online social circle “like” your dental practice.

A trust relationship has already been initiated before this new dental patient walks into your dental practice waiting room.

And that is the idea behind any successful dental marketing plan.

7 Dental Marketing Vectors and How Dentists Should Use Them

7 Dental Marketing Vectors and How Dentists Should Use ThemMany dentists believe that word-of-mouth referrals are the best way to secure new dental patients while ignoring the dental marketing opportunities presented by engaging in social media.

Dentists still question whether the social media communities, although popular with dental patients, are really necessary to have a successful dental practice.

Dentists are further challenged by where to allocate their limited marketing resources in order to see a quality return on investment –be it for time, money, or both.

But there is great opportunity in the use of social media to attract and engage new dental patients.

Here are 7 possible dental marketing vectors and how dentists could use them —

1. Blogging.
Blogs are great because they can increase traffic to your dental website. A blog gives dentists a way to share their expertise, reach out to the local community, and discuss the latest trends in dentistry.

2. Facebook.
Having a Facebook presence encourages conversation and engagement about your dental practice. Some of the most popular dental practice Facebook pages offer promotions and deals to their online dental community.

3. LinkedIn.
LinkedIn has many of opportunities for dentists: new patient generation, dental marketing, connecting with your peers in dentistry, and the possible hiring of new staff. Think of LinkedIn as a professional networking association and use the site to showcase your education and experience.

4. YouTube.
YouTube offers dentists an opportunity to market their dental practice to thousands of people for a relatively small investment. More and more people are watching videos on their televisions and YouTube is a great way for you to appear in your dental patients’ living rooms.

Can you imagine how much it would cost to do this with regular television advertising? With a small video camera you can film patient testimonials and how-to videos. The most popular YouTube dental videos are those that show actual dental procedures in process, like teeth cleaning and cavity treatments.

5. Pinterest.
Women love Pinterest and they love to ‘pin’ quality images. Before and after teeth whitening images are the most popular dental images on Pinterest. Many women use Pinterest as a visual list of things they want to do or try, so think about posting images that would appeal to these kinds of pursuits.

6. Twitter.
Twitter is great just for the link-building that it can provide your dental practice website. It’s also a good place to keep an eye on your reputation to see if you have any unhappy dental patients tweeting about your dental practice. Twitter offers you the opportunity to reach out to them before they stick a negative online review on Yelp.

7. Google Plus.
Google Plus is a great place to share what you are doing on your other social media channels. Since it’s powered by Google, it only stands to reason that Google includes Google Plus engagement when they deliver search results. Since it’s difficult to tell where Google is going with Google Plus, it’s important to make sure you are there.

In the past, search was what mattered most to finding your dental practice online, but with the advent of social networking sites, “liking,” “pinning,” sharing, following, and commenting is fast becoming the accepted way for people share and gather information.

Search is still important, but social sharing is growing and becoming a big part of the online experience. Find one or two that appeal to your type of dental patients and become a regular user.

What is your favorite dental marketing vector for engaging dental patients?


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