Dental Implants Belong to the General Dentist

Dental implants as a dentist specialtyShould dental implants should be a formal dental specialty? Three of four dentists (77%) say no.

“I don’t think it is necessary to make this a specialty since oral surgeons, periodontists, prosthodontists and general dentists like me all place dental implants, and many restore,” offered one doctor. “I do think fellowship training is good, and credentialing is valuable.”

Though 85% of general dentists oppose having implant dentistry as an official specialty, only 67% of specialists feel the same. While some feel that dental implant surgery should only be done by a specialist, most agree that general dentists are fully capable of restoring implants.

Here are some further comments from dentists on dental implantology:

  • “The oral surgeons or periodontists should be placing the implants in the bone – a good restorative dentist can place the dental implant crowns or over- dentures.” (Florida dentist)
  • “I do not believe dentists should be placing tooth implants unless they are certified specialists in implantology.” (Alabama dentist)
  • “It IS a specialty when done at the highest levels.” (Dental implantologist)
  • “Implant dentistry should become a subspecialty recognizing those doctors (specialists and non specialists alike) that have received additional training to perform tooth implant dentistry proficiently.” (Periodontist)
  • “Implants are a part of my General Practice, and have been since 1986. I would hate to see certain fractions in dentistry fight over this….i.e., Oral Surgeons, Periodontist, dentists, etc. It WILL be ugly.” (Massachusetts dentist)
  • “Implants should be dental school course just as endodontics, periodontics, etc.” (General dentist)
  • “The last thing dentistry needs.” (New Jersey dentist)
  • “There are enough turf wars about dental implants as it is. No need to have a separate specialty.” (General dentist)
  • “The politics of delineating who the ‘specialists’ are is an impossible task.” (New York prosthodontist)
  • “Things are good as they are. We should not elevate individuals to royalty status.” (Texas dentist)

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Dentists Report on the Value of a New Dental Implant Patient

Dentists Report on the Value of a New Dental Implant PatientThe latest The Wealthy Dentist survey reveals that the average gross production of a new dental implant patient in the first 9 months of treatment in 2012 was $4,400.

Urban dentists reported higher production figures with amounts between $3,000 – $15,200.

According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, statistics show that 69% of adults ages 35 to 44 have lost at least one permanent tooth to an accident, gum disease, a failed root canal or tooth decay. By age 74, 26% of U.S. adults have lost all of their permanent teeth.

Dental implants have become an increasingly popular choice among dental patients for replacing their missing teeth.

The American Dental Association reports that approximately 3 million people have dental implants and that number is growing by 500,000 a year. The estimated U.S. market for dental implants is $1 billion.

In this survey, general dentists report average production profits between $1,200 and $15,200 for new dental implant patients, while prosthodontists average $5,000.

One dentist responded, “After referring my dental patients to specialists and getting back poor work I thought: How much worse can I do? Now I offer implants.”

What are your thoughts on the value of new dental implant patient gross production?

Daring Implant Dentist Dodges Death Doing Dangerous Deeds

Daring Implant Dentist Dodges Death Doing Dangerous Deeds - The Aizhai BridgeIf you thought implant dentistry wasn’t daring enough, then we’ve found the perfect dentist for you.

A Santa Barbara implant dentist, Joseph Weber, likes to perform dangerous stunts when he’s not securing a crown or restoring a smile.

According to KSBY, Dr. Weber has been invited to BASE jump off of the Aizhai Bridge in China’s Hunan Province. At 1,102 feet high, the Aizhai is considered one of the world’s largest suspension bridges. The bridge was constructed as a part of China’s investment in infrastructure, linking cities that once took several days to get to and reducing the travel time down to just a few hours.

Dentist to BASE jump Aizhai Bridge

The jump invitation is nothing new for the former Green Beret dentist, who is well-known among the BASE-jumping crowd for performing 650 BASE jumps and 3,000 sky-dives. In his interview with KSBY, doctor Weber recounts the number of times he’s been arrested in the U.S., and shares stories of when he’s escaped authorities, “[I] jumped downtown Indianapolis by myself … landed in the parking lot, over the top of a cop car, cops chased me, I got away…”

Dr. Weber has filmed his some of his BASE jumps with the team he often jumps with known as “Team Body Bag” — so named because of how many members died while BASE jumping.

Here is the video of Dr Weber and Team Body Bag BASE jumping —

According to Dr. Weber’s website, he is a member of the prestigious International Congress of Oral Implantologist at the ICOI Fellowship IPS Mastership level and holds two patents in dentistry: maxillofacial prosthetics and endodontics. He is a graduate of Indiana University, and is obviously an accomplished doctor who lives life to its fullest.

The China BASE jump is scheduled for this weekend.

Dentists, are there adventurous hobbies or dangerous stunts that you attempt during your time off from your dental practice? What do you think about what this implant dentist does for a hobby? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Science Friday: Better Healing After Dental Implants

Science Friday: Better Healing After Dental ImplantsRestoring the front teeth of dental patients after a traumatic injury poses a particular challenge— both biologically, functionally, and aesthetically.

Even when all the procedures of successful dental implants are followed, healing of tissues can still be unpredictable.

One approach to improving the outcome of this type of implant is the use of blood platelet concentrates.

The current issue of the Journal of Oral Implantology reports the case study of a dental patient who had fractured an incisor during a sport-related accident. An all-inclusive dental procedure was performed to both extract the broken tooth and insert a dental implant. Additionally, a biomaterial of leukocyte and platelet-rich fibrin was used as part of the treatment, as reported by Newswire.

Restoring a fractured maxillary anterior tooth—one located in the upper front of the mouth—through dental implant surgery requires a number of steps.

The fractured root must be extracted, residual bone preserved, the implant correctly positioned, and the soft tissue properly contoured around the implant.

However, the dental implant still requires successful healing to complete the process.

Leukocyte and platelet-rich fibrin stimulates the healing process. Strong fibrin membranes enriched with cells and platelet growth factors make a biomaterial that is simple and inexpensive to use. Taking only 15 minutes to prepare, the biomaterial is a practical and effective application to use in implant dentistry.

Its antihemorrhage properties are well-suited for this surgery.

In the case study, the use of this fibrin meant that no incisions or sutures were needed, which allowed optimal healing conditions. Positive healing characteristics were noticed two days after the surgery; at 7 days the gingival aesthetic profile was well-defined.

At 6 months, a satisfactory final result of the surgery was evident.

2 years later, the restoration has proved to be stable and aesthetic — resulting in a much better healing process for the dental patient after dental implant surgery.

To view the full report see: The Use of Leukocyte and Platelet-Rich Fibrin During Immediate Postextractive Implantation and Loading for the Esthetic Replacement of a Fractured Maxillary Central Incisor


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