Dentist Billing: Should You Outsource?

Dental billingOne of the many business questions dentists and physicians face is whether to outsource their medical billing to third-party medical billing services or do it in-house with medical billing software.

Some doctors would assume outsourcing billing to a medical billing service makes the most sense. After all, they’re the experts with the resources to properly process your claims, right?

Others might want to maintain control of collections and do it all in-house.

Hold on. Don’t make a decision before thinking it through. Both methods of revenue cycle management have benefits and drawbacks. It’s up to the individual practice to weigh the pros and cons before deciding which approach is best.

Software Advice has broken down in-house billing and outsourced billing in terms of cost and qualitative factors. You’ll need to weigh the differences carefully when assessing the needs of your practice and decide if outsourcing makes sense.

Here are situations in which a provider may consider outsourcing their medical billing:

  • Your billing process is inefficient;
  • You have high staff turnover;
  • You’re not tech savvy;
  • You’re a new provider; or,
  • You have different business priorities.

This article comes from Chris Thorman, who blogs about medical billing at Software Advice. You can read the full article here: Should You Outsource Your Medical Billing?

Dental Management Company Pays $24M Settlement

Dental management company settles pediatric dentirsy billing lawsuitsThe largest dental management company in the US is paying $24 million to settle claims of Medicaid fraud.

Forba Holdings LLC owns 68 “Small Smiles” dental clinics where pediatric dentists serve half a million low-income children in 22 states.

According to the Justice Department, the clinics filed claims for unnecessary pediatric dentistry – including so-called “baby root canals” and other possibly risky procedures.

Forba has agreed to pay $24 million to settle the lawsuits, but did not admit wrongdoing. Their clinics remain open, still providing dentistry for children, though the dental management company will add precautions against future Medicaid fraud.

Of course there’s a pediatric dentist here and there who’s unscrupulous… but a dental practice management company with chronic billing “inconsistencies”?!? Not a good sign.

Read more: Forba Settles Suits Over Unneeded Child Dental Work


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