Dental Sedation for Children – Thanks to Nintendo!

PediSedate is a new accessory for the Nintendo GameBoy that sedates children for dental or medical procedures.

In addition to headphones, the device has a somewhat disguised gas mask that delivers nitrous oxide to the distracted child. It also monitors breathing.

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Meanwhile, Israeli dentists have found success in calming high-anxiety or special needs children. Instead of traditional dental sedation methods, the technique utilizes lights and music to create a soothing atmosphere.

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Most Dental Practices Like Children

Pediatric Patients Welcomed by Most Dentists

In our most recent survey, we asked dentists if they encourage their adult patients to bring their children in for treatment. The overwhelming 86% of dentists accept pediatric patients majority of dental practices (85%) are happy to accept pediatric patients. The remaining 15% prefer to treat patients over age 14. In addition, rural and female dentists were most likely to treat children.


  • “No! I want to live a long life.” (North Carolina dentist)
  • “I love it when patients bring their children in. I think I am a kid at heart and really can relate to them. It is so much fun.” (Minnesota dentist)
  • “I prefer to treat adults. You have to take longer and charge less on kids.” (Colorado dentist)
  • “If we are truly taking care of the needs of our patients, we should take care all of them, regardless of their age or profitability.” (North Carolina dentist)
  • “Not quite all ages, but certainly about 7 and up, with one proviso: The child can act up only one time; after that, they get referred out.” (New York prosthodontist)
  • “Only 1.8% of all dentists are pediatric dentists. Most dentists will see children under the age of 5 years.” (Ohio pediatric dentist)
  • “Why not? If they are manageable, they can become your dental patients for life.” (Florida dentist)
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Corporal Punishment in the Dentist’s Chair?

A dentist in Wellington, New Zealand, slapped a six-year-old patient after she accidentally bit him during a procedure. There’s been an uproar among other members of the dental community appalled by this doctor’s actions. The dentist, who has not been publicly named, is still practicing – a situation that’s infuriating some local residents. One dentist was quoted as saying, “If it was my son slapped in a dentist’s chair I would fight hard to stop this person practicing his work till he proved he was fit enough.”

The girl was referred to the dentist by her school therapist two years ago. (The school is no longer referring patients to that dentist.) She had two decayed teeth requiring extraction, and the dentist tried to sedate her with nitrous oxide. However, after she bit down on his hand, he allegedly slapped her across the face deliberately – qualifying his actions as assault. Though the dentist denies the charges, the deputy health and disability commissioner found in favor of the girl and censured the dentist. Even so, the dentist was only asked to apologize. He is not facing any criminal charges, and he has been allowed to continue practicing.

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