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Dental Practice Marketing Truth #7: Websites & Directories

“Would it be good for you, Mrs. Jones, if we could solve your dental problem…?” I really love this case presentation line; it’s a classic trial close. My wife, Suzanne, used it on me last week: “Would it be good for you if I went to Washington DC next week with my mother so you could finish getting the 9 Truths Series out the door?” And, of course I said, “Yes, Honey!”

Well, it was a quiet Labor Day weekend, so I got a lot done… Here’s your next video:
Truth #7: How to Double Your Internet Marketing Results by Building a Doctor Profile

Important: I’ve been getting a more than a few questions about dental directory marketing. Yes, it works! I’ll give you some hardcore ROI numbers in Truth #8. Check the “Resource Box” next to the video for links that provide more information… Meanwhile, I’m working on more dental directory marketing solutions. I’ve got plenty of time with Suzanne out of town!

To receive the complete series, visit http://www.internetdentalalliance.com/9Truths.htm to register at no cost.


Jim Du Molin

Dental Marketing: The 5 Biggest Mistakes

Yes! We finally made it to the 9th Truth! We waited until we got your comments from the first 8 videos to produce the final “Truth.”

I think you’ll be pleased with segment #9. In any case, feel free to post your personal comments here.

For those of you who have been following "The Solution" to the 1stDDS.com registration problem, we filled all 100 registration slots over the weekend. The program is closed.

If you missed last Friday’s email, have a spare $1, and don’t mind going on the Backup List to fill in for any dropouts, there are about 8 spots open. Just register using this link:
New Patient Marketing Program

I will let you know if a spot opens up within the next 30 days. And yes, I will refund your $1 if nothing becomes available.

For access to all the videos in the 9 Truths series at no charge, click here:
9 Truths of Dental Marketing

Jim Du Molin

Truth #8: Fast Profits & Major ROI Results

Dental Marketing: Fast Profits & Major ROI Results

Can you believe this? Suzanne scored a White House Tour with her mother on her trip to D.C. I’m thinking Laura Bush will be inviting them to tea… with Suzanne and her mom being the right thinking Americans they are. But I digress.

Now, before we get to Truth #8, we need to talk about some of the serious grief I’m starting to get about dental directory marketing. Ever since Truth #6, I’ve been getting some major complaints from people upset about not being able to get into the 1stDDS.com program. The 1stDDS program is part of the Internet Dental Alliance (IDA) web marketing campaign system. It is currently not open to the general dental community.

We are in the process of redesigning 1stDDS to make it easier for doctors to use. Right now, an IDA team member sets up the account by hand and lays out the marketing campaign, then reviews it on the phone with the doctor. This is a major pain and drain on our resources!

The purpose of the 9 Truth Series is to give you some ideas that will kick start an extra 4-5 new patients into your practice every month. That’s enough to get you through the consumer panic around energy prices, past the election (when things will really start to fall apart), and into the New Year for the economic recovery. Remember, as I said in the 9 Truths Intro, I’m not here to sell you anything.

Truth #8: Dental Marketing for Major Net Profit Gains has just been posted. Yes, after patient care… it is all about the money! Dentistry is hard work. You deserve a good return on your educational and practice investment.

With any luck I should have the final “Truth” video finished by next week – Truth #9: Dental Marketing – The 5 Biggest Mistakes! Watch for it!

Jim Du Molin

Dental Office Marketing: Directory or Website – Where’s the Money?

Dental Marketing Truth #6 Now Available

Dental Office Marketing: Directory or Website – Where's the Money?I’ve been working my tail off since I got back from Denver, where I saw my sainted mother (aren’t all mothers sainted?).

I also watched the University of Denver dedicate a new student dormitory in the name of my best friend since Cub Scouts.

It’s called Nagel Hall, after Ralph and Trish Nagel, who donated about a gazillion dollars to its construction.

Talk about marketing!

By the time my mother and I got back from the dedication, she already had a request in her mail box for a donation to the University!

But I digress.

Truth #6: Dental Marketing: How People Search for a Dentist on the Internet has been posted at www.InternetDentalAlliance.com/9Truths.htm. This is an advance strategy session that explains little-known ways to reach potential patients when they don’t use a local geographic indicator in their Internet search parameters. This information can literally double your Internet marketing results.


Jim Du Molin

Dental Website Marketing ROI Return-on-Investment Analysis

Truth #5: Get a Higher ROI on Your Dental Marketing

I just got back from Denver where my ninety-year-old mother (yes, 90!!!) was explaining to me why she liked her bank. I couldn’t believe it, but her bank manager actually invited her out to dinner! Now, that’s what I call customer service.

Now that I’m back, I’ve reviewed and posted the new 9 Truths Video: Dental Website Marketing ROI Return-on-Investment Analysis.

An important side note: when you’re done, check out the “Resources” information and links under the video. There you’ll find a complete, pre-done ‘Dental Patient ROI Chart’ that shows you the average net profit from most types of new dental patients from across the country.

I’m going to try and get the next video out by Saturday the 30th, so stay tuned!

Jim Du Molin


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