Dentists Rave about Athletic Mouthguards

In this survey, we asked dentists about mouthguards and the Pure Power Mouthguard (PPM). Fully nine out of ten dentists surveyed believe mouthguards can improve athletic performance.

That’s a claim made by the inventor of the PPM, a device designed with neuromuscular principles in mind. The goal of the PPM is to improve breathing (and therefore performance) by allowing the airways to relax.

While general dentists are quite taken with the PPM, specialists are far less convinced. Of those who responded to this survey, only one in three said that a mouthguard can make you a better athlete.

Every last one of the dentists who offer the Pure Power Mouthguard believe mouthguards can improve performance, and they offered rave reviews. “Absolute improvement! It’s the science behind it,” said one.

Among dentists who don’t sell the PPM, only three-quarters (77%) were convinced a mouthguard can make a better athlete.

“The double-blind research studies are coming out, but you need to ask the athletes who are using them and have seen the increase in strength, flexibility and balance,” said one general dentist. “Terrell Owens has actually been timed running faster with his PPM in.”

Here are some more comments from dentists:

  • “Until we see a proven clinical study, there is no proof the PPM works. Anyone remember BreatheRite strips? They supposedly increased oxygen flow, but were shown to do nothing.” (General dentist)
  • “A 15-year-old football player patient of mine recently received PPM. According to his dad, he is kicking the ball 40% farther. 70 yard punts and 45 yard FG’s!” (Canada dentist)
  • “Patient usually reject due to cost. Sport stores sell them for 3-5 dollars. I charge 350+ and recommend different types for different sports.” (Indiana dentist)
  • “The PPM is the best thing to happen to the dentistry and the public since bonding agents! This will forever change the face of sports, not to mention the dental world.” (California dentist)
  • “The PPM is the only mouthguard that can help obtain peak performance. The others can actually decrease your performance. Jaw position is paramount to achieving optimum performance.” (Minnesota dentist)
  • “Without question mouthguards can improve athletic performance, like the MORA (mandibular oral repositioning appliance) made by Dr Richard Kaufman, an orthodontist.” (South Carolina dentist)
  • “Not only can it make athletic performance better, but it offers relief for TMJ symptoms, i.e., headaches, neck tension, etc.” (Texas dentist)

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