Dental Marketing: Which Type Of Patients Are Most Profitable?

Dental practice marketing with Google PlusDentists tend to target their dental marketing towards the most profitable patients.

That means that in order to create an effective dental marketing plan, you need to know who your best patients are.

Word of mouth referrals bring in the most loyal patients,” said a New York dentist.

“The majority of our big cases the past few years have come from the internet,” shared a Minnesota dentist.

Jim and Julie discuss our survey asking dentists which type of dental patients are most profitable.

One in three dentists responding to this survey says that general dental patients are their bread and butter.

What about other kinds of dentistry?

Dental implant patients were number one with 24% of our dentists, and 18% voted for cosmetic dentistry patients.

Not so long ago, the cosmetics number probably would have been higher – but when the recession hit, demand tanked for high-end smile makeovers.

Another 11% said sedation dentistry patients are the most profitable, and 9% prefer braces patients.

It all comes down to how much demand there is for whatever treatments a dentist offers.

“The most profitable patients are those who will actually pay their part on time – those who don’t come in with the pretext of theft or cheating the dental insurance company,” said a general dentist.

“The most profitable patients are always the core,” said a Texas dentist.

“Marginalized, disabled, and homeless patients are the most profitable to me because I go to sleep with a big smile,” said a prosthodontist.

“Online patients have done their research and know a lot about our office before becoming patients. They are certainly more likely to follow through with recommended treatment,” said an Ohio prosthodontist.

When creating a dental practice marketing plan, it’s good to give some thought to which types of patients are the most profitable.

Targeted dental marketing lets you get more of the particular kinds of new patients you like the best.

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