Dental Practice Management Survey Results: Employees or Owners?

practice-ownerThe dental management survey results are clear!

An overwhelming majority of dentists would rather own and manage their own practice.

Only 15% of our dentists said they would prefer to be employed by a larger company that handles most management responsibilities.

That’s not too surprising, considering that the dental profession has a long history of self-employed doctors.

What IS surprising is that 60% of those dentists who said they would prefer to be an employee currently own their own practice!

Here’s what a few of our survey’s dentists had to say about dental practice managment:

  • “Corporate dentistry is a bad idea and eventually will fail.” New Jersey dentist
  • “I regret that the dental industry is going toward a less personal corporate model. When we think more of profit than care, we lose personal relationships that create loyal, well cared for, long term patients.” Texas dentist
  • “I sense that being an employee sounds easier to the new dentists. But I think they will tire of being dictated to by “superiors”. No one is going to tell me what to diagnose or how much I have to produce. The individual patients’ needs should dictate what I do, not the corporate need to turn a specific profit number.” Illinois dentist
  • “I take the risk, but have the opportunity for far greater rewards.” Colorado  dentist
  • “It is bad enough that insurance companies “dictate” treatment planning and choices for patients. Now you find yourself working for a corporation driven by profit. Morals will get corrupted, values get pushed to the side, and you find a group of people who give dentistry a black eye.Where are the State Dental Boards? Only North Carolina seems to have enough backbone to legislate what should be a given: dentists should only be allowed to work for dentists. And dentists who “manage” care should be held more liable for poor dental work. There is no other choice if we want to avoid the career path of Pharmacists.” Colorado orthodontist
  • “It’s ideal for patient and dentist to be in a multi-specialty group practice for the best care, and to allow the dentist/specialist to spend their time doing Dentistry instead of payroll and other tedious functions of practice management.” Massachusetts General Dentist
  • “I own my own practice. It’s more stress — but more freedom.” Texas dentist

Which type of dental practice management do you prefer?

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