Orthodontist Thinks Invisalign Destroys Braces Profession

Orthodontist Thinks Invisalign Destroys Braces ProfessionAccording to a recent The Wealthy Dentist survey, the average cost of Invisalign treatments is $4,823 from general dentists and $5,411 from specialists.

A year ago when we ran this same survey, the results revealed that Invisalign treatment costs an average of $4,622, when provided by a dentist, and $6.945 when treated by a specialist.

It would seem that Invisalign costs have come down in the past year.

In the 2011 survey, the dentists who responded noted that the higher cost for Invisalign braces reflected the lab fee that they pay for the Invisalign trays, and many dentists in the 2012 survey still feel the same, with one dentist saying, “The lab fees are $1,500 and up — way to much!”

Graph: The average cost of Invisalign treatments is $4,823 from general dentists and $5,411 from specialists

Florida and New York reported the most expensive treatment costs at $6,000 and $6,500 respectively, while California and Colorado reported some of the lowest at $2,900 and $3,800.

Invisalign costs are still higher when performed by a specialist with orthodontists reporting the highest cost of $6,900, while their dentist counterparts reported a high cost of $5,400.

Here’s what dentists had to say this year about the cost of Invisalign treatment:

“Without braces to back up the crap result, ethics and morals get trumped for a buck. Quit destroying my profession for a buck!” (Colorado orthodontist)

“Price may be more or less depending upon ease or complexity of the case.” (California dentist)

“Lab cost is too high at $1,600.” (Maryland dentist)

“Alignment costs are too high for getting this treatment mainstream to the people who are willing to have adult orthodontia.” (General dentist)

“Far too expensive. The general attitude and culture within the Invisalign company is hostility and arrogance toward general dentist.” (Georgia dentist)

“The lab fees are excessive and Invisalign could use some competition!” (New York dentist)

What are your thoughts on Invisalign treatment costs? Are lab fees too high? Are they worth the cost? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

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