Dentist Has Invisalign Orthodontia at Age 50 and Loves It

Dentist Has Invisalign Orthodontia at Age 50 and Loves ItDental statistics report that almost 50% of the U.S. population have crooked teeth, irregular bites, or overcrowding.

In a recent The Wealthy Dentist survey we asked dentists if they have ever had braces themselves. 42% said they had braces as children, while 28% said they had braces as adults.

30% revealed they have never had braces in their life.

The American Association of Orthodontists reports that most orthodontia treatment begins between ages 9 and 14. When the same dentists were asked if their children have had braces, 75% responded yes.

Here are some dentist comments on braces:

“I had braces as a child and as an adult too — they still moved.” (Texas dentist)

“I had regular brackets and arch wire braces at age 40. Like many of younger patients I did not wear my retainer and I had a relapse. I had Invisalign orthodontia at age 50 and loved it compared to the brackets and arch wires. I continue to wear my Invisalign retainer going on 8 years now.” (Kentucky dentist)

“I had orthodontia before dental school as a teen by a general dentist, then again during dental school combined with orthographic surgery. I am so glad I had it re-done!” (North Carolina dentist)

“Having orthodontia as a child changed my life.” (General dentist)

“I now wish I did not get them. Four of my bicuspids were removed and it ruined my smile.” (Louisiana dentist)

“I was treated with “four-on-the-floor” and I wish it was done non-extraction. My son has the same structure and I treated him with Occlus-O-Guide and it gave him a great smile and profile. My daughter had fixed orthodontia, non-extraction.” (Illinois dentist)

“I had Invisalign as an adult, and it was a much more pleasant experience!” (Minnesota dentist)

“Four bicuspid extractions with retraction orthodontics resulting in a restricted envelope of function and a lifelong battle with headaches.” (Texas dentist)

“Braces have become much more readily accepted by the population and allow us to provide beautiful smiles and proper occlusions for patients of all ages.” (Michigan dentist)

“Had them. Love my smile.” (Washington dentist)

What has been your personal experience with braces? Did you have braces as a child and as an adult?

How about your children?

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