Dental Marketing: How To Increase Case Acceptance By 25%

A new dental marketing tutorial from The Wealthy Dentist shows doctors an innovative way to increase profitability. The three-part video program titled “Case Presentation for Maximum Case Acceptance” features lessons on preparing for case presentation, how to handle financial arrangements, and how to improve case acceptance.

Part one of the dentist marketing program lays the groundwork for maximizing case acceptance by preparing the practice’s financial arrangement strategies. It shows dentists exactly how to increase collections percentage, how and when to use credit cards, and how to put financial arrangements in place for every treatment plan over a minimum amount (doctors choose their minimums based on their markets).

Part two shows successful case acceptance step-by-step, from the first phone call to handing off the patient to the financial coordinator. There’s also a short version for small scale services that don’t require a treatment plan. Part three answers questions about financing and insurance, and provides tactics for getting paid.

“Improving your case acceptance is one of the simplest ways to increase your practice’s profitability, and it’s a strategy that costs nothing to implement,” says dental management expert Jim Du Molin, Editor in Chief of and founder of Internet Dental Alliance. “It’s all in how you do your case presentation, what financial options you offer, and how your financial coordinator presents these options to patients.”

Bonuses include several downloadable forms that make it easy to implement the video trainings. For team training, there are role-playing scripts for case presentation and financial arrangements. To facilitate payment, there are patient treatment forms for both insurance and non-insurance patients, along with credit card authorization forms for “Express Checkout”. Other forms detail the practice’s payment policies. And for doctors who choose to no longer accept insurance, there’s an editable letter to patients explaining the decision.

A downloadable printout of the slideshow and video transcripts are available to use for taking notes or to review the tutorial. All of the dental practice marketing videos can also be downloaded as MP3 files in case doctors want to listen while driving to work or exercising with the iPod.


Editor in Chief of Jim Du Molin has been giving no-hype dental marketing and practice management advice since 1985. He helps dentists manage their practices more effectively to attract more new patients. The Wealthy Dentist can provide these dental continuing education courses to you for convenient viewing at home or in your office at a low cost, thanks to online technology.

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About Jim Du Molin

+Jim Du Molin is a leading Internet marketing expert for dentists in North America. He has helped hundreds of doctors make more money in their practices using his proven Internet marketing techniques.


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