Dental Marketing: Use a Media Buyer to Make Your Campaign More Efficient

Dental Marketing: Use a Media Buyer to Make Your Campaign More EfficientI’m not a media buyer.

While I understand radio and TV more than most, and I have done a good deal of media buying, it is not my strength. Whenever possible, I like to rely on experts to do things that I don’t do as well.

If you rely on someone else to design your dental website, do your taxes, or fix your car, you can understand my logic here.

Buying commercial time on radio and TV is not unlike buying a car, in that it is very common for two customers to pay very different prices for the exact same thing. The radio or TV station has a rate card that is the equivalent of a “sticker price.”

The typical customer knows intuitively that they don’t have to pay sticker price, but is often unsure what price is fair.

Those armed with the most knowledge, research, experience and negotiating ability will usually get the best deal. If you bought new cars for a living, eventually you would be pretty confident that you could strike a very good deal for yourself every time. But you don’t buy cars for a living, and you don’t buy media professionally either.

I use a media buyer.

When my dental clients buy commercial time, I know they’ll get a good rate because my media buyer knows exactly what the time is worth. She’s represented hundreds of dentists on hundreds of stations in hundreds of markets across the country. When she negotiates a price, she uses years of experience and extremely accurate and detailed ratings data to determine what price is efficient and fair.

Price is just one factor in the media buy.

Other considerations include the demographic composition of the market’s radio stations, the format of the programming, and the time of day to effectively reach the advertiser’s target market. So in addition to cost, a good media buyer can help you figure out where and when to advertise – and how much advertising is enough.

One benefit to using a media buyer that I cannot stress enough is their objectivity. They are only interested in your needs, not the needs of the various stations we must choose between.

Consider the car buying example again, because the representatives of a radio station have much in common with car salesmen. They believe in their product, they try to get the best price since their commission depends on it, and they don’t get paid if you buy from their competitor instead of them.

I used to be a radio sales rep, and I have no issue with car salesmen. Both can be an invaluable resource, but . . . you don’t want either to be your sole source of information.

Ed Ridgway has executed dental marketing campaigns for hundreds of businesses in the U.S. and Canada. He is nationally recognized for his ongoing campaigns with many of the top dental practices across the country.


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