Dentistry Goes High-Tech

by Jim Du Molin

Julia Roberts gets digital dentistry

You’d think that a star who gets $6 million plus per movie wouldn’t need to have her teeth retouched for a recent photo opportunity.

The reality is that this woman needs some serious cosmetic work!

Both People and Us magazines altered the photo to make Ms. Robert’s teeth uniformly white. All you “Dentist to the Stars” doctors should be on the phone to your PR agencies with offers to solve this woman’s problem… PDQ!

The rest of you in the dental community will just have to be satisfied with posting your proposed treatment plans to our dental marketing forum’s “Water Cooler” after reviewing these “Before & After” shots of that famous smile.

Doctor! Get your share of the dental video marketing revolution

Last week Google shelled out $1.65 billion for a video sharing web site called YouTube. Believe it or not, as popular as YouTube is, the average person never heard of it before this deal and the idea of Internet video is still new to a lot of folks – including the dental community.

This means two things:

1. There’s still tremendous room for growth – and opportunity – for people, including dentists, who build a business around Internet video. The Wealthy Dentist is already doing this with its video tutorials.

2. The opportunity has only just begun. You too will be able to add professional video to your dental web site. Coming in early 2007 we will show you, step-by-step, how to add high-impact video to your dental practice web site.

Now you can wear your marketing campaign

The Google/YouTube deal is not the end of the race – it was just the starting gun. If you can’t wait until 2007 to start marketing with video, you can now wear live video on your belt buckle!

It’s crazy, it’s impractical, but an American engineer who worked in Shanghai for seven years has come up with the “Egokast.” For just $289 you can now WEAR the video of your choice on your belt buckle and project it to the world as you strut through your dental practice.

This new medium offers some unique opportunities for developing new and original dental video content. Just hook up your intra-oral camera and… well, you get the idea. To order your own dental marketing belt buckle, you can learn more at

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+Jim Du Molin is a leading Internet marketing expert for dentists in North America. He has helped hundreds of doctors make more money in their practices using his proven Internet marketing techniques.


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