Friday Random Video for Dentists: See Spot Run

Today’s Friday random video for dentists features a dog and a cat.

What happens when you bring a new dog into a home where a cat and dog are already best friends?

A new dog that clearly doesn’t understand his place in the hierarchy of pets.

See how the cat handles the new dog —

Who were you betting on to win this fight?

Friday Random Video: Grumpy Vampire Visits Dentist

Friday Random Video: Grumpy Vampire Visits DentistToday’s Friday random video for dentists features a grumpy vampire who has a toothache and makes an appointment with a dentist, who promptly places a gold crown on his main fang.

He is tempted to bite the sexy dentist, and tries to go for her after she fits the gold crown on his tooth, to somewhat disastrous results.

The video short titled, “Vampire’s Crown” was produced at the University of Hertfordshire by Henry Mountain, Hiren Solanki and Nick Hughes.

Enjoy! It’s a fun 3 minutes —

Friday Random Video Features Longest-Working Blacksmith

Friday Random Video Features Longest-Working Blacksmith (video)At 84-years-old, Fred Harriss is Britain’s longest-working blacksmith.

He still custom forges iron work in his workshop every day.

He’s been at it for 74 years — since he was 10-years-old — with no plans to retire any time soon.

In today’s Friday random video for dentists, Harriss shares is stories of how he worked 12 hour days fixing aircraft, creating railings, forging ornamental iron pieces, and working on steam engines and aircraft.

You’ll note how he dresses for a job he loves.

This video is slowly going viral on YouTube, which shows the power of a simple story in video — something a dentist could easily replicate, sharing instead, life as a dentist.

Click on Play to watch this short video with blacksmith, Fred Harris —

Dentists, do you feel about dentistry, the way Harris feels about being a blacksmith?

Dentists: Are You Predictable?

Dentists: Are You Predictable? (video)Today’s Friday random video for dentists features Richard Wiseman from the website, Quirky Mind Stuff.

According to his website, Richard is the most followed British psychologist on Twitter.

Over 2 million people have taken part in his mass participation experiments and he has acted as a creative consultant to Derren Brown, The MythBusters, CBS’s The Mentalist, Heston Blumenthal, Nick Cave and Jeremy Deller.

Wiseman researches an eclectic range of topics including luck, self-help, illusion and persuasion. His work has been published in some of the world’s leading academic journals and cited in over 20 introductory textbooks.

Richard has also written several best-selling books that have been translated into over 30 languages, including The Luck Factor, Quirkology, and 59 Seconds. His psychology-based YouTube videos have received over 45 million views and he has given keynote addresses to organizations across the world, including The Royal Society, The Swiss Economic Forum, and Google. (See About

To see how predictable you are, Click on Play to watch the following magical video —

Dentists, how did you do?

Friday Random Video for Dentists: Contact Juggling

Friday Random Video for Dentists: Contact JugglingThis week’s Friday random video for dentists features Akihiro Yanai “Contact Juggling” at the 2012 Japanese Juggling Festival.

Contact juggling is a form of object manipulation that focuses on the movement of objects such as balls in contact with the body.

The juggling involves the rolling of one or more objects without releasing them into the air. (Wikipedia)

Enjoy this mesmerizing viral video —


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