How Far Dental Patients Travel for Treatment

How Far Dental Patients Travel for Treatment (video)Dental patients will travel the world to receive dental treatment, but The Wealthy Dentist was curious about how far dental patients are willing to travel throughout the U.S. to visit a dentist.

As it turns out, it might be a lot farther than you realize.

One implantologist told The Wealthy Dentist, “Many of our patients travel up to 4 hours by car for treatments.”

The Wealthy Dentist conducted a survey asking dentists how far some of their dental patients travel for dental treatment.

Many dentists reported that they see dental patients who live hundreds, or even thousands of miles away from their dental practice.

“Some patients will travel 30+ miles,” wrote a rural dentist, “and then there is the fellow who comes twice a year from the Netherlands!”

To hear more of what dentists had to say about dental patients who travel long distances for dental treatment, Click on Play to watch the following dental video —

Dentists, do you have any patients that travel long distances to receive dental treatments from your dental practice?

The House Call Dentist

House call dentistsThe dentist who makes house calls is an idea so old-fashioned that it’s cutting-edge again.

Bay Area House Call Dentists, for example, “specializes in working with seniors and people with disabilities or other special needs. The latter can include phobic, obese or immobile people, people with dementia, the homebound and people who can’t control their movements,” says their dental website.

A dentist and dental assistant go on each house call. House calls are available during weekday business hours within 50 miles of San Francisco at a cost of $375. If patients need more treatment than can be performed at their home (for example, sedation dentistry for dental implants), BAHCD will arrange transportation.

Other dentists and dental practices around the country offer similar services. These doctors tend to serve geriatric patients, often specializing in dentures and denture repair. But, as noted by BAHCD, seniors aren’t the only potential clients; those with dental phobia, difficulty moving, even agoraphobia, can be helped by access to dentistry at home.

On the one hand, this is a great service to be offering. If my own mother was housebound and needed dental care, I’d be delighted to find a house call dentist who could meet her needs.

But as a former dental consultant, I have to ask the one real question… Is it profitable?

Frankly, $375 isn’t that much money. The dentist and dental assistant have to travel up to 50 miles, which could easily add up to two hours of travel time.

Unless patients end up needing more treatment (which, in most cases, cannot be provided at their home), I’m not convinced that the profits are there.

What do you think?


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