Tooth Whitening Can Improve Seniors’ Dental Health

Dental health in elderly patientsNew research suggests that carbamide peroxide (a popular tooth whitening agent) may have dental health benefits for elderly patients.

Co-author Dr. Van Haywood remarked, “What we’ve noticed through whitening patients’ teeth over the years is that as they bleached, their teeth got squeaky clean and their gingival health improved.”

Custom-fit mouth trays with carbamide peroxide can improve tooth and gum health in patients who lack the dexterity for regular brushing and flossing, and can improve symptoms of dry mouth (xerostomia) as well.

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Tooth Whitening and Cosmetic Dentistry Don’t Always Go Hand in Hand

Tooth Bleaching Not Always a Gateway to More Cosmetic Dental Work

tooth bleaching and cosmetic dentistryIn this survey, we asked dentists what percentage of their patients who initially request tooth whitening go on to have additional cosmetic dental procedures. Two out of three dentists reported a conversion rate of less than 40%.

  • “Tooth whitening and cosmetic dentistry go hand in hand. 95% of my highest earning cases are cosmetic.” (Scotland dentist)
  • Hype, for the average patient.” (Pennsylvania dentist who does not offer tooth whitening)
  • “It is the direction dentistry is going, so you either embrace the change or get left behind.” (Texas dentist)
  • “Whitening is not popular in blue collar neighborhoods.” (Illinois dental student)
  • “Maybe it’s just in my area, but there sure aren’t as many patients beating down my door for cosmetic treatments like LVI and other gurus would have you believe. The kids’ karate lessons, the cruise, and the new SUV are all way more important.” (Illinois dentist)
  • “Whitening opens the door to more to more cosmetic dentistry.” (New Jersey dentist)
  • “Tooth whitening is only temporary, and it has limitations. This has to be stressed to the patient.” (New Jersey dentist)

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Cosmetic Dentists Have Come a Long Way


News Flash: Modern Dental Techniques Superior to Ancient Dentistry

Even if you don’t know the details, you already know that modern dental care is leaps and bounds beyond how our ancestors (sort of) kept their teeth clean. But, while we’re on the subject… would you like to know a detail or two?

Here’s one of the worst: reports of medieval dentists who whitened people’s teeth by irreversibly damaging them! Teeth were filed down and treated with nitric acid, leaving them brilliantly white and totally vulnerable to decay.

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Ruin Your Smile with Tooth Whitening Treaments!

The Frightening Truth about Whitening Your Teeth…

New research suggests store-bought tooth whitening treatments may actually be damaging consumers’ smiles. The Trading Standards Institute (TSI) examined 20 products available over the counter in the UK. Alarmingly, the study found that 18 of the 20 products contained higher levels of hydrogen peroxide than permitted by law. (In one case, the product contained 230 times the legal limit!)

Teeth whitening treatments are more popular now than ever before. Many dental practitioners are becoming concerned that over-eager consumers are doing permanent damage to their teeth through repeated bleaching and over-bleaching. This is why it’s a good idea for patients to talk to their dentists before delving into an ambitious tooth-bleaching program without supervision.

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No Surprises Here: Survey Says Dentists Support Tooth Whitening

Whiter Teeth Means Richer Dentists

In this poll, we asked dentists if today’s consumers are over-whitening their teeth. Not surprisingly, most dentists had nothing but good things to say about tooth whitening.

Four out of five dentists in our poll responded, “No; whether done at home or in the dental office, modern tooth-whitening technology is only improving people’s smiles.” The remaining 16% replied, “Yes; home bleaching kits and too-eager dental practitioners have left many people with ‘toilet bowl teeth.'”

It’s worth noting the role of geography: the more rural the dentist, the more likely he or she is to feel that over-whitening is a serious problem.

Here are some of our dentists’ comments:

Too Much of a Good Thing


  • “I had one patient who became so addicted to bleaching that her teeth resembled bright white copy paper — and she still was not ready to quit!” (California dentist)
  • “Too many people have the Regis Philbin look: teeth that are too big and too white that look too fake!” (Missouri prosthodontist)
  • “Like everything in this world, too much of anything is not good for you. Too much whitening on the same set of teeth can cause problems, even darkening the same teeth we are trying to lighten.” (Florida dentist)



Can You Ever Have Too Much of a Good Thing?


  • “If people want ‘toilet bowl teeth,’ so what? Too white? Isn’t that like being too rich?” (Georgia dentist)
  • “Whitening is a patient’s choice. If it makes them feel better and causes no problems, why not?” (Pennsylvania dentist)
  • “I still see 5-10 patients daily asking about bleaching who have never done any bleaching previously. In my practice, ‘Toilet Bowl Teeth’ are few and far between.” (North Carolina dentist)



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