Dental Practice Embezzlement: Dentist Survey Video

Dental practice embezzlement dentist survey videoDental practice embezzlement can be a major dental management issue.

In a survey from The Wealthy Dentist, 52% of dentists who responded reported having been embezzled, while 48% say they have not been a victim of fraud.

“It happens to 95% of dental offices,” said an orthodontist. “The other 5% are ignorant, or have a spouse working the front desk.”

Jim Du Molin and Julie Frey discuss the problem of dental practice embezzlement:

“I was embezzled to the tune of over $1,000,000!” said a periodontist.

“You need to have several checks and balances to help prevent embezzlement, plus do random audits to let staff know you keep on top of checking records and books,” advised a pediatric dentist.

Has your dental office ever been embezzled? Any further thoughts on dental practice embezzlement and fraud?

Dental Marketing May Have Helped Dentist Arrest Thieves

Dental Marketing May Have Helped Dentist Arrest ThievesIt would seem a little dental marketing can even help reclaim stolen property.

Florida dentist Bill Strupp experienced a dentist’s worst nightmare: having thieves break into his dental practice to steal computers and dental equipment.

They also made off with Dr. Strupp’s sports memorabilia collection which included an official Heisman football, dozens of signed Yankee baseballs and three signed Yankee bats given to him by his friend and dental patient, George Steinbrenner.

He desperately wanted the stolen items returned.

So he decided to use some Internet dental marketing by placing an ad on Craigslist offering a reward for the return of the stolen property. Dr. Strupp must have written a great ad, because someone called offering to sell the sports memorabilia back to him.

That someone seemed like the thief.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that Strupp played along with the caller and promised not to call the police.

“Immediately, as soon as I hung up with him, I picked up the phone and called (Clearwater police) Detective Jonathan Walser,” Strupp told the Times.

In working with the police Dr. Stupp agreed to meet the caller in a local shopping mall to obtain the sports collection and his computers in exchange for $10,000. When the thieves approached Strupp to handover the stolen property, Clearwater police moved in and arrested the suspects.

A search warrant helped find more of Strupp’s missing dental practice items, but not all.

Strupp told the Times, “I’m just flabbergasted that anybody would be that stupid to try to sell something back to somebody after you stole it from them!”

Maybe it was the great Internet dental marketing he used to write that Craiglist ad.

For more on this story see: Dentist bites back: Craigslist ad leads to arrest of two in stolen property case

Dental Practice Management and Employee Theft (Video)

Dental Practice Management and Employee Theft (Video)Embezzlement and employee theft are major problems for dentists and dental practices.

In this survey, 59% of dentists said they had discovered evidence of embezzlement.

But that doesn’t mean no one has stolen from the remaining 41%… it just means they haven’t been able to prove an embezzlement took place.

Sadly, dentists are often embezzled.

“My office manager (of course) was setting aside dental insurance checks, then picking out cash that matched the amount of the checks,” said an orthodontist. “The checks were never deposited into the patients’ accounts, so the bank deposit balanced. She did this for almost 10 years, for a total of at least $700,000. Her litigation is currently pending. The insurance accounts past due eventually became overwhelming and she was finally caught.”

“A dental assistant who worked for another doctor who shared space with me was stealing my materials and making teeth bleaching trays out of her home after hours (and charging for tooth whitening!)” said another dentist.

To hear more of what dentists had to say about employee theft, Click on Play to watch the following video —

Have you experienced employee theft?

Read more about this dental management issue: Dentists - Has Your Dental Practice Been Embezzled?

Stolen Patient List: A Dentist’s Worst Nightmare (Video)

Hygienist Steals Patients, Leaves Practice Devastated

Watch the video, or read about Dr. Michigan’s stolen patient list…


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