The Famous Dentist With a Secret Stash of Celebrity Patient Teeth

The Famous Dentist With a Secret Stash of Celebrity Patient TeethThis week Dr. Bill Dorfman, the dentist from Extreme Makeover shocked the public with his admission to TMZ cameras that he has a collection of his celebrity patient’s teeth.

If you are a celebrity in LA and you have Dr Dorfman pull your teeth — watch out — they could end up on eBay!

Dorfman told the TMZ cameraman, “I actually save famous people’s teeth when I pull them … I can’t tell you because it’s like patient confidentiality. There have been a few really famous people and I thought one day maybe I could sell this on eBay.”

However, his story quickly changed as news reports surfaced about his statements to TMZ.

In a second interview later in the day, Dr. Dorfman backtracked his story by saying he was “totally joking.”

Below is a video of the original interview. What do you think?

There is nothing illegal about D. Dorfman stockpiling celebrity teeth, but is it ethical, especially if the celebrities in question didn’t know?

The full story: Has This Famous Dentist Secretly Been Stockpiling Celebrity Teeth?

Science Friday: Growing Replacement Teeth

Growing new teethAs reported by Bio News and MedIndia, Professor Takashi Tsuji and a team from the Tokyo University of Science, Japan implanted stem cells programmed to become teeth into an adult mouse’s kidney, and after two months a perfect molar had developed.

According to the reports, the tooth had the vital bone and periodontal ligaments needed for attachment, and so the team then transplanted it into another mouse’s lower jawbone.

Six weeks later, all the right blood and nerve connections had been made, allowing the bioengineered tooth to function as though it had grown naturally.

‘The bioengineered teeth were fully functional… there was no trouble biting and eating food after transplantation,” explained Dr Masamitsu Oshima, co-author of the study.

This opens up the possibility of new teeth being regenerated in the area where teeth are missing or need to be replaced.

Hopefully at some point in the near future, once a tooth has been extracted it can be regenerated for replacement. This would be a major improvement in dental care.

Can you imagine life without missing teeth?

For more on this fascinating development see:  Mouse Gets Lab-grown Tooth Transplant and Tooth Regeneration: A Reality of Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering

Dental Drills May Soon Be Outdated

Will Dental Drills Soon Be a Thing of the Past?

Most patients agree that the drill is one of the most dreaded parts of any dental visit. New technology could help ease dental anxiety by eliminating the need for a drill in the first place.

Optics underlie the cutting-edge technology. Based on Raman spectroscopy, the device would allow practitioners to spot bacteria on teeth, as bacteria scatter light rays in a different way from healthy teeth

Seeing “trouble spots” on patients’ teeth would help dentists treat problems before they become so serious as to require drilling. (Remember what they say about prevention being the best medicine?)

A preliminary study (at London’s King College) has shown significant promise, and the results were presented at Microscience 2008. Though human trials have not yet begun, the doctors behind the project hope to have the technology ready for use by dental practices within five years.

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How Brushing Your Teeth Can Be Bad for Your Dental Health

British Survey Finds Acid Erosion on Children’s Teeth

A recent survey of British dentists indicates children may be damaging their teeth by over-brushing.

Fully 79% of dentists reported seeing more acid erosion on kids’ teeth. The survey also found that just over half of fiver-year-olds suffer from acid erosion. (Conducted by toothpaste manufacturer Sensodyne, the data included British dentists and parents.)

So what’s to blame? Soft drinks and fruit juice are major culprits. Acidic foods and sauces only make the problem worse. And tooth-brushing often compounds the issue.

Though it’s no surprise to dentists, most kids and parents don’t know that over-brushing damages teeth. Since acidic food and drink soften tooth enamel, the worst time to brush is directly after eating or drinking something acidic.

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Dentistry Goes Punk with Tooth Tattoos

Dental Crowns For the Alternative Crowd

Unlike traditional tattoos, tooth tattoos can be removed in two minutes. The personalized design is baked into the crown’s enamel, and can even be placed on the tooth’s inside surface for a particularly private tattoo. Designs range from patriotic to floral to tribal and beyond.

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