Cosmetic Dentistry Gone Wild: UK Man Gets Prince William and Kate Teeth Tattoos

cosmetic dentistry teeth tattoo

Dental patients seek cosmetic dentistry for a variety of reasons. Patients are offered a wide variety of treatment options from porcelain veneers and teeth whitening to braces . . . but teeth tattoos of the Royals?

UK news is reporting that 29-year-old British plumber Barmy Franks paid about $1,700.00 in honor of the Royal Wedding by getting his front teeth tattooed in the images of Prince William and Kate.

Franks, who is 29 years old, spent about six hours in Dr. Neil Gerrard’s dental chair to have portraits of William and Kate delicately painted on to his two front teeth. The designs were created on paper before being painted on to the teeth by hand.

The tooth artwork – known as ‘gnasher tats’ – is not permanent and will only last for up to three months. They can be removed by hard brushing.

“I love the Royal Family and this was my way of lending my support to their Big Day.” exclaimed Franks.

The Dr. commented on the procedure by saying, “I’ve done some unusual dental cosmetics in my time, but this was certainly one of the strangest.”

What is the strangest cosmetic dental procedure you’ve ever seen?

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