Joke of the Week: “When Pigs Fly”

Obama jokeIt was once said that pigs would fly before Americans would elect a black president.

Indeed, we’re 100 days into the Obama presidency… and SWINE FLU!!

If you don’t get the pun, try saying the joke out loud.

This joke has led to some controversy online, with a few calling it racist. In reprinting the joke here, we are simply sharing a silly pun. The only comment we feel this joke makes as regards race relations is the fact that, until it happened, the US electing an African-American president seemed unlikely.

Update Your Patients on Swine Flu: If You Feel Ill, Don’t Come In!

Swine Flu and Your Patients“Level 4 means that anyone with the hint of an illness will not be seen for routine appointments.”
– Dentist

“The current WHO phase of pandemic alert is 4.”
– World Health Organization, 4/27/09

The Wealthy Dentist just released a special survey asking dentists if they’re making any changes as a result of the swine flu threat. (Take the survey) Ten percent of dentists said yes, and another 30% are considering it.

I’m not worried. I only treat humans,” said one dentist. However, many are taking precautions. “At the extreme we close the office to avoid unnecessary contact with the general public,” said another dentist. “At level 5 we will be masked, gloved and eye shields at all times. Level 4 means that anyone with the hint of an illness will not be seen for routine appointments. A pandemic is nothing to sneeze at.”

Let your patients know not to come in if they’re not feeling well. All you have to do is send a newsletter like this:

Flu Update for Our Dental Patients

You’ve probably heard that the US has declared a national health emergency as a result of the swine flu scare. Though the US has not seen many cases yet – and those that we have seen have been relatively mild – the outbreak has already killed otherwise healthy young people in Mexico.

So everyone is a lot more aware of the flu right now. One of the nice things about our dental office is that the sterilization systems and techniques we use on a daily basis make it one of the safest places to work and treat patients. We’re doing our part to help protect the health of our patients. And we’d like your help!

If you have any flu-like symptoms, please do not come in to our office. Rest assured that you will not be charged a missed appointment fee if you’re not feeling well.

The last thing we want is for our dental office to become a place where infection spreads. To protect our patients, we’re doing everything we can to keep our team members healthy and not have sick patients in the waiting room.

Here are some general tips for dealing with swine flu:

  • Wash your hands frequently, and avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes.
  • At the first sign of illness, isolate yourself to protect others. (Authorities recommend you stay at home for at least 7 days after getting sick, as you could still infect others.)
  • If your flu symptoms are mild, stay home; do not go the doctor’s office or clinic.
  • If your symptoms become severe, call your doctor and seek medical treatment.

We hope you’re feeling healthy! But if you’re not, just give us a call at at (555)555-555 if you need to cancel an appointment.

Internet Dental Alliance members can automatically send this newsletter to their patients through the IDA patient newsletter service. (Want to learn more about dental email patient newsletters?)

Dentists Should Worry About Swine Flu, Too

On Sunday, April 26, Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department Homeland Security, declared a public health emergency in the US due to the growing threat of swine flu.

Though only 40 cases have been confirmed in the US so far, officials expect to see more infections.

The virus has already hit Mexico. Part of what makes swine influenza more frightening than other flu viruses is that it has killed otherwise healthy young people.


Typical flu symptoms: cough, sneeze, sore throat, head and body aches. Be extra-vigilant in looking for these symptoms in yourself, family members, and patients.


No direct contact with pigs required. Though swine flu originates in pigs, it can sometimes cross the species barrier and infect a person. Once infected, the person can spread the virus by human-to-human contact.

What if I might be infected?

Don’t go to work! You owe it to the people around you. It is so important to keep those who are sick away from those who are healthy that in Mexico, the Catholic Church actually cancelled Sunday Mass.

What if a patient might be infected?

Send them home! If a patient is coughing or sneezing in the waiting room, you might offer to reschedule their appointment at no charge rather than expose yourself and your team to the risk of infection.

Participate in our survey:
Has your dental practice made any changes as a result of the swine flu threat?

Read the CDC’s advice on handling Swine Flu


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