Street Dentistry: Why You Should Love Your Dentist

You Will Never Take Novocaine for Granted Again

Though most of us would prefer not to think about it, street dentistry is a common practice in some parts of the world. When there aren’t enough licensed dentists, when proper dental care costs more than people can afford, those suffering from dental problems turn to street dentists for relief.

The dangers of such DIY dentistry are clear. Practitioners aren’t licensed or supervised. Hygiene conditions are abysmal. Novocaine is not standard. Procedures are quick and dirty; that is to say, performed without anesthesia or sterilization. Patients risk infection, nerve damage, even HIV exposure.

But people will do almost anything to relieve tooth pain, as these pictures attest. Uncredited, they have been floating around the Internet recently. All that is known is that the photos were likely taken in India and China.

Showing this to the dental-phobic may help them appreciate the comforts of modern dentistry… as long as the pictures don’t scare them away from the dentist forever!

Brave enough to watch the full-size street dentistry slide show?


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