Jim Du Molin’s 2013 Economic Recovery Plan

Jim Du Molin's 2013 Economic Recovery PlanJim Du Molin knows a lot of dentists out there have been feeling economically frustrated.

But he’s been paying attention to the markets, to online searches, and to consumer spending patterns… and he’s feeling really optimistic about our country’s economic recovery.

A recent PNC survey revealed that wealthy U.S. investors are seeing a rebound in their fortunes and have become more optimistic about the U.S. economy too.

To share some of this optimism and positive outlook with you, Jim is offering his own “2013 Economic Recovery Plan” to you.

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Dentists Discuss Dental Marketing Sales Promotions (video)

Dentists Discuss Dental Marketing Sales Promotions (video)Dental marketing sales and promotions on dental treatments are known for bringing more dental patients into a dental practice.

The right marketing strategy and promotions can play an important and pervasive role in attracting more new dental patients.

But if a dental practice runs the wrong type of dental marketing promotion, a dentist could be overrun by the wrong type of dental patient.

The Wealthy dentist conducted a survey asking dentists if they’ve been running any dental marketing promotions.

One pediatric dentist responded, “Discounting only works if you are trying to attract new patients.”

Do you think this statement is true?

To hear more of what the dentists has to say in this survey, Click on Play in the following short video to hear their responses–

Have you run any dental marketing promotions this year?

Jim Du Molin: “Before I Die…”

Jim Du Molin: "Before I Die..."“Seven years ago when I retired, I had two things I wanted to do before I died,” says Jim Du Molin, editor of The Wealthy Dentist newsletter.

“The first I completed about two years ago. The second will be my parting gift to you, all the dentists and team who have made my last 25 years so great!”

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