6 Internet Dental Marketing Tips on What to Share on Social Media

6 Internet Dental Marketing Tips on What to Share on Social MediaUtilizing various social media sites as part of your Internet dental marketing plan will provide you with the ability to connect with potential dental patients directly.

Your online presence is more than putting up a dental website and having a local Google business listing; it’s about being transparent and connecting with your community on a more personal level.

But this is still difficult for many dentists and small business owners alike.

According to Manta, the provider of information on U.S. and International companies, nearly 50% of small business owners say the most valuable benefit of networking online is gaining and targeting prospective customers. Moreover, 78% of business owners who were surveyed said they gained at least a quarter of their new customers through online or social media channels this year.

However, the recent The Wealthy Dentist survey revealed that the sheer volume of online and social media channels available today can be overwhelming for small business owners to navigate and use successfully. 58% of small businesses said that they struggle to find value in using Facebook to promote their business or don’t have a page at all.

This leaves many dentists and small business owners confused as to what they should be doing with social media.

First, remember that all networking take time to build real connections and networking online is no different. And just because people may not be responding, does not mean that they don’t enjoy what you are offering on your social media channels.

Here are 6 Internet dental marketing tips for what to share on social media —

1. Share how you are different.
You may have the best dental office staff, the most convenient location, or years of experience practicing dentistry — all valuable content to be shared on your social media channels. What problem do you solve better than your competition? Solve that problem through social media.

2. Show support for your community.
Feature events like local football games, soccer games and school fundraisers. Show that you are active in your community.

3. Share your favorite things.
Tell readers about your favorite local restaurant, favorite toothbrush, favorite golf club, or whatever allows the public to get to know you a little better and feel comfortable when visiting your dental practice.

4. Offer specials.
If you’ve decided to offer free teeth cleaning with a check up, be sure to let your online public know too.

5. Promote yourself.
Share your dental education, what you enjoy about dentistry, and what dental specialties you are trained to perform. If you are a bicycle enthusiast, share images of your bike, or photos from your latest ride. Share photos of your family, of your pets, and other hobbies you enjoy. Share where you like to volunteer. People like to do business with someone they trust. Sharing information about yourself is a way to build that trust before that dental patient walks into your waiting room.

6. Connect with other professionals.
Use social media to connect with other professionals in your community and to follow local businesses, business leaders, and local community organizations.

Dentists often need all the help they can get to establish a social media plan and maintain momentum.  Set a schedule for doing something small on social media every day.

Social media can offer significant support  to your Internet dental marketing plan by allowing your dental practice to remain connected to the community while driving more traffic to your dental website.

How have you used social media to support your dental practice?  Do you feel its been a success?

10 Ways Dentists Can Use Pinterest to Engage Dental Patients

10 Ways Dentists Can Use Pinterest to Engage Dental PatientsAccording to Pinterest’s own statistics, 68% of the site’s users are women in their 30s and 40s and 45% access the site to research products or services.

With more than 11 million people visiting Pinterest monthly, it’s one marketing vector that dentists might want to take a good look at to see how they can participate.

Users spend an average of 38 minutes daily on the site searching images and sharing what they like, while saving site images to different “pin boards.”

Here are 10 ways dentists can use Pinterest to engage dental patients:

1. Share your favorite local spots.
Is there a state park, golf course, beach, or hike where you like to go to relax? Share photos of these places with links back to your dental website (this can be done when you hit “edit” on your pinned images).

2. Share your (and your staff’s) favorite local restaurants.
Do you ever take photos with your phone of great meals you are about to enjoy at a local restaurant? Share these with your dental patients on Pineterest.

3. Share oral health tips.
Do you have oral health recommendations you often share with patients, like the proper way to floss or how to know when a cavity is starting? Do you have images that you can share?

4. Share images from your office.
Moms love to share fun images from dental practices that kids, who have anxiety around visiting the dentist, will enjoy. Take photos of your toy prizes and the fun things kids like about your dental practice and share them on their own Pinterest board.

5. Before and after shots.
Show off your before and after images on Pinterest. Showcase your teeth whitening successes and other ways you have improved your dental patient’s smiles.

6. Share your videos.
You can share your dental practice videos on Pinterest. Create a board just to share your office videos and testimonials.

7. Share daily deals or coupons.
Share any specials that you are running. Teeth whitening specials are very popular on Pinterest.

8. Share your sponsorships.
Do you sponsor any local teams? Invite your patients to share their game photos with you on Pinterest and re-pin them to their own board on your Pinterest page.

9. Share foods to avoid.
Share images of the foods you’d like your dental patients to stay away from. Create a healthy eating Pinterest board and share your favorite vegetable recipes that work with kids. Your moms will love you for this.

10. Share celebrity smiles.
Share images of your dental patient’s favorite celebrities.

Smart dentists are already on Pinterest and doing a great job at setting up some interesting boards. Taylor Dentistry is one such dental practice that does a nice job of showing what is possible with a dental practice Pinterest page. They feature images of their dentists, celebrity smiles, tooth fairy ideas, ideas for adult dental patients, and their kids. It’s a great start to a dental practice Pinterest page.

Taylor Dentistry on Pinterest –

Examples of dentists on Pinterest: Taylor Dentistry

Another great dentist Pinterest page is Gentle Dental Care out of Queens, New York.  Since brides love planning their weddings on Pinterest, Gentle Dental Care has included a wedding season board on their Pinterest page.

Gentle Dental Care on Pinterest –

Examples of dentists on Pinterest: Gentle Dental Care

Even The Wealthy Dentist has our own Pinterest page where we share dental marketing ideas with dentists.

The Wealthy Dentist on Pinterest –

10 Ways Dentists Can Use Pinterest: The Wealthy Dentist Pinterest page

Are you a dentist on Pinterest? If so, come follow us at pinterest.com/wealthydentist. If you aren’t on Pinterest yet, and would like an invite, let us know in the comments and we will send you a Pinterest invite.

Let us hear your thoughts about using Pinterest for interacting with dental patients.

Dentists Get Facebook Support Targeting New Dental Patients

Dentists Get Facebook Support Targeting New Dental PatientsJim Du Molin has been spending a lot of time on Facebook… that is, working on how dentists can get the most out of it.

Just this week a study from Internet research firm comScore disclosed that marketing on Facebook can actually help increase a company’s profits.

In the study, those exposed to Starbuck’s message on Facebook were 38% more likely than the typical Facebook user to make a purchase in the four weeks that followed. Target Corp. saw a 21% increase in the same time frame.

Jim doesn’t want you to fall behind these latest dental marketing trends, so he’s now including full Facebook support in his “New Patient Marketing Machine,” letting dentists embed pages from their websites within their profiles!

Click to learn how to get your website on Facebook

Dental Marketing: Location Seems To Be a Factor in the Use of Social Media

Location Seems To Be a Factor in the Use of Social MediaDental marketing with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social media engagement tools continue to expand within the general population, many dentists are utilizing social media to interact with their current patients and attract new dental patients online.

Even the ADA is supporting social media use with its presentation on social media for dentists at the American Dental Association 2011 Annual Session, held October 10 to 12.

The Wealthy Dentist conducted a survey to ask dentists how often their dental practice posted updates to social media over the past 3 months.

Here is how dentists responded –

  • 35% Never use social media
  • 14% Use social media less than one post per month
  • 16% Use social media at least one post per month
  • 35% Use social media at least one post per week

Tools used –

  • 31% Facebook only
  • 1% Twitter only
  • 21% Both Facebook and Twitter
  • 33% Did not indicate what social media tools they use
  • 14% Facebook and *other

*Other tools used with Facebook:  LinkedIn, blog, Yelp, Kudzu, YouTube, Social Raves, Mojo, Constant Contact, and Dr Oogle.

Location seems to be a factor in the use of social media by dentists –

  • 71% Suburban dentists use some type of social media
  • 29% Urban dentists use some type of social media
  • 0% Rural dentists use some type of social media

What the dentist’s had to say about social media –


“Jump in now, so you aren’t left behind. It is the best way to communicate with your clientele in this day and age.” (Arizona dentist)

“We only began to notice benefits to the office once we reached a high amount of people “Liking” your Facebook page. Don’t expect this to happen overnight. Once you maintain a social media presence, it is an easy way to get your patients to notify their friends about you and post comments about your office. We have had really great comments and some of these have been entered by patients on Social Raves.com which also sends them to search engines and review sites after we get a chance to view and comment on them if we wish.” (Ohio prosthodontist)

“It’s the wave of the future and definitely here to stay!” (Illinois dentist)


“I hate that we are now compelled to participate in this time intensive BS. I think the Internet and social media are taking the focus off of patient care and more just dental marketing, marketing…” (General dentist)

“I have ‘old dog/new trick’ issues to overcome…I’m feeling overwhelmed.” (California dentist)

“Social media hasn’t helped me.” (Illinois dentist)

“It already takes many man hours of time to maintain our digital dental office, which includes patient e-mail contacts through Demandforce. Add in referrals, office to office contacts, Guru, etc. etc., we will soon need a full time IT person to help keep it all running smoothly. What is the cost to benefit break even point of social networking a dental practice, if that can really even be determined? What are the legal pitfalls? I have watched so many people gobbled up by Facebook; patients needing to use their smart phones at every little break, to send or receive a tweet. I much prefer to have my staff focus on quality time with a patient, providing quality work, than spitting out non-personal tweets and Facebook contacts all day long.” (North Carolina dentist)

Social media as a dental marketing tool will become an increasing factor in generating new patients. Even now, only a few high level dental practice websites are integrating social media marketing, mobile web pages and Google Places into their Internet marketing mix.

Dental Marketing on the Internet: What is the Value?

the value of internet dental marketingSocial media has joined the Internet dental marketing toolbox along with multiple targeted websites and directory listings that are now required for maximizing new patient flow.

Dentists measure many things in order to determine if their actions justify the cost. This is especially true when it comes to dental marketing.

Dentists are not alone in this thinking.

Arthur O’Connor, a doctoral student at Pace University in New York, decided to research the value of social-media popularity, and if it can be correlated with the price of a company stock.

It turns out that Mr. O’Connor found a “statistically significant” relationship between a company’s stock value and the company’s popularity online. For a ten month period, he tested three brands: Starbucks, Nike and Coca-Cola.

He discovered that the more social-media fans a brand had, the better its stock was likely to do, regardless of general market conditions.

Internet marketers are now calling this kind of influence “conversational currency.”

Social media specialist Vitrue, conducted a similar study and determined that, on average, a Facebook fan base of 1 million translates into at least $3.6 million in equivalent media over a year.

While no one expects a dental practice on Facebook to have a million friends, 250 to 500 would be doable and easily set the practice at the top of the social media spectrum for dentistry in their area.

A study by Eventbrite calculated every time someone shared a link about an upcoming event in social media, it generated the following dollar value ticket sales:

  • Facebook $2.52
  • LinkedIn $0.90
  • Twitter $0.34

But these statistics don’t stop just with social media. Do you know what a top search ranking is worth to your dental practice?

The online advertising network, Chitika reported that the top ranking on Google is worth double the traffic of the number 2 spot in search.

To build a successful Internet dental marking strategy you really need to get your targeted dental websites into positions 1-7 in organic search, have a presence in social media and be listed on at least 10 different dental directories.

Visit the Internet Dental Alliance website today to learn how we can help you build a dental practice marketing strategy that will generate more high-value new dental patients.


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