The Dentist-Specialist Referral Relationship (video)

Dental specialist referralsDentists say that specialists almost always refer their patients back to the original treating dentist, this survey found.

“Building a good relationship with your specialists is critical,” advised a cosmetic dentist. “Open lines of communication and professionalism, along with some warm and fuzzy human contact are vital elements for strengthening this relationship. Specialist referrals are our second greatest source of new patients, after existing patient referrals.”

One dentist commented, “Oral surgeons and orthodontists are a great source of new patients, especially in a growing area.” But another disagreed, saying, “Orthodontists and oral surgeons should return the favor!”

“I enjoy the relationship with my periodontist,” said one dentist. “He does the perio and I do the restorative. It’s a non-threatening relationship because I’m not afraid that when I refer the patient that they will get lost.”

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How Dentists Refer Wisdom Teeth to Oral Surgeons (VIDEO)

Wisdom teeth referralsHalf of dentists refer out 80% or more of third molar (wisdom tooth) extractions, according to our poll.

Some dentists were grateful to be rid of most or all wisdom teeth cases, while other dentists prefer to refer only the most complicated cases.

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