Cosmetic Dentistry and Reality TV (video)

Cosmetic dentistry and reality TV makeover showsMany reality TV shows feature dramatic makeovers that include cosmetic dentistry.

This survey found that half (54%) of dentists think this has increased patient demand for cosmetic dental work.

“It has made more people more aware of the cosmetic dentistry options,” said one dentist.

Another dentist was more skeptical. “These days, any dentist who does an all porcelain crown is calling himself a cosmetic dentist, with or with out any formal dental continuing education programs.”

“I’m more concerned about commercial advertisements from products like Lumineers and Invisalign,” added another.

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How Cosmetic Dentists Feel About Reality TV Makeover Shows (video)

How Cosmetic Dentists Feel About Reality TV Makeover Shows (video)Reality television is huge and there are dozens of makeover shows.

From Extreme Makeover to America’s Next Top Model and beyond, viewers are learning that cosmetic dentistry can be an essential part of a total makeover.

As reported in Medical Procedure News, reality television is credited for the rise in cosmetic surgery procedures with more than 9.2 million procedures performed as result of people watching these shows.

The Wealthy Dentist decided to conduct a survey asking dentists if the publicity surrounding reality makeover shows has lead to an increase in demand for cosmetic dentistry.

One dental professional observed, “Patients are very interested in cosmetic dentistry — until they find out how much it costs!”

Another cosmetic dentist remarked, “Except for the shows that put forth a negative image, the exposure has been helpful.”

To hear how dentists responded to this dental survey, Click on Play to hear the survey results —

Have you seen a rise in the demand for cosmetic dentistry since the creation of reality TV makeover shows?

Celebrity Cosmetic Dentists: Dental Survey Results

Most Dentists Think Celeb Docs Are Good for DentistryDental Survey

In our most recent survey, we asked dentists if they think celebrity cosmetic dentists are good for the profession. Two out of three dentists say TV dentists are good for dentistry, and media exposure only makes the public more aware of what cosmetic dentistry can offer. The remaining 38% feel that these docs are pushing appearance over health, and it’s not making dentists look good. “It’s all about the money and prestige… What ever happened to the best interest of the patient?” asked a Georgia dentist. “There is so much we can do for people by improving their smiles!” exclaimed an Oklahoma dentist.

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