Dentists Support Romney in the Presidential Election

Dentists Support Romney in the Presidential ElectionIn the latest The Wealthy Dentist survey, we asked dentists who they plan to vote for in the upcoming U.S. presidential election. 77% of the dentists respondents said they will vote for Mitt Romney, 21% will vote for President Obama, while 2% are still undecided.

Let The Wealthy Dentist clarify that these poll numbers are not representative of the country at large. These numbers represent the opinions of dentists who chose to responded to our dental survey.

A number of statistical factors play into a dentist’s voting tendencies. General dentists are more likely to support the Republicans than are dental specialists. In addition, male dentists tend to be more conservative than their female counterparts. Finally, rural dentists are more conservative and urban dentists tend to be more liberal.

However, in this survey, of the 21% who are voting for president Obama, 52% are suburban dentists, 38% are urban dentists and 10% are rural dentists, while 56% of the dentists voting for Romney are suburban, 28% are rural and 16% are urban dentists. 60% of the dentists who responded to this survey are suburban dentists.

When asked for feedback on this presidential election, here’s what dentists had to say —

Dentists for Obama –

“If the middle class, i.e. the majority of our patients, does better, then we do better. Obama has a realistic plan for the middle class. Romney, who still won’t release his tax returns, cannot explain how his 20% tax reduction for the wealthiest will balance the budget, reduce the debt, and increase defense spending by 2 billion dollars. Do the math!” (Illinois dentist)

“Any thoughts of voting for Mitt Romney disappeared early in the campaign, when several key people close to him (including his father’s former aide) announced that Mitt would do ANYTHING to get elected, and it is apparent that his “values” change by the week.” (New Hampshire dentist)

“I have a daughter, daughter-in-law and 4 granddaughters. I want them to have freedom of choice when it comes to their own bodies. I fear that Romney and his cohorts will change the landscape when it comes to this issue. The next president will have the task of supporting several supreme court justices which could tilt the balance against the issue of freedom of choice for women. While I am concerned about the future of dentistry (my daughter is an orthodontist and I have a young associate), this concern is secondary to my concern for women’s issues. FYI: I am a male dentist in my 44th year of practice with no plans to retire in the near future.” (General dentist)

“Governor Romney is an unreliable candidate as demonstrated by his flip-flopping on most important issues. In addition, he refuses to correct the mathematics which refute his claim of “balancing the budget” over eight years.” (New York dentist)

“I fear for our society under Romney. The disparity between the haves and have-nots will worsen and cause massive civil unrest.” (Nebraska orthodontist)

Dentists for Romney –

“Romney without a doubt. Absent a change in leadership we are heading towards a fiscally irreversible situation that will encumber us as Europe is, chronic unemployment and forever in debt.” (Texas dentist)

“Another 4 years of Obama would be devastating for our country and our profession.” (Kentucky dentist)

“I don’t know how much of a difference it will ultimately make, but having someone who understands business rather than a career socialist mainly interested in “spreading my hard-earned wealth around” will be refreshing.” (Oregon orthodontist)

“We desperately need a business genius running this country or we will soon be saluting the flag of China!” (General dentist)

“I believe in the vision of our founding fathers and the opportunity to succeed through hard work and small business opportunities. Government needs to have a role in our lives but I do not want a bigger more powerful influence as President Obama does.” (Georgia dentist)

“The ADA and other sources indicate Obamacare will add three to five million children with mandated dental coverage, many having coverage through the state exchanges, reportedly at current medicaid reimbursement rates. I love seeing the children have availability of dental care, but in 2011 I received 49% reimbursement for services I filed with medicaid. How many children can I see when each one costs me 30+% below my overhead? How quickly will we all be working in the Federally Qualified Health Centers?” (General dentist)

“Let’s get America back in the black, balance trade and energy independent.” (Missouri dentist)

Undecided dentists –

“If I could, I’d vote against Bernanke.” (General dentist)

“I don’t know. We need a good administrator.” (California dentist)

“I don’t like either one.” (North Dakota dentist)

“Hmmm, my choice is between Coke and Pepsi. Both contain toxic ingredients and both will deteriorate health if consumed daily over a period of four to eight years.” (Nevada dentist)

What are your thoughts on the election? Leave a comment and let us know.

Dentists Fear Obama Reelection Will Hurt Their Dental Practice

Dentists Fear Obama Reelection Will Hurt Their Dental PracticeDentists tend to be politically conservative in nature – and the results of a recent The Wealthy Dentist survey supports this belief.

When asked how President Barack Obama winning the election will affect their dental practice, 77% of the dentist respondents answered that an Obama win will hurt their practice.

In the same survey, The Wealthy Dentist also asked how a Romney victory will affect their practice, and 72% answered that a win by Romney will be a benefit to their practice.

19% of the dentists think there will be no change to their practice if President Obama is reelected, while 21% think there will be no change if Mitt Romney is elected.

Only 7% of the dentists believe a win by Romney will ultimately hurt their dental practice.

Gender seemed to be a factor in how the dentists responded, with male dentists believing Mitt Romney will benefit their dental practice and female dentists thinking either President Obama will be a benefit, or there will be no change no matter who wins the election.

A few of the Republican dentists see Obama as a socialist. “Romney is pro business. Obama is a governmental Socialist,” said a California dentist “Socialism vs free enterprise. Draw your own conclusions.” commented a Massachusetts dentist.

For more insight into how dentists see this election, check out these comments below —

“Romney’s plans for health care are incomprehensible. The man who put through universal care in Massachusetts is not clear on what he would keep and change from the Affordable Health Care Act. Under the new law and an Obama administration, more people will have access to health care and become better educated about preventative care. This will have a positive impact: more dental care insurance benefits and more people seeking dental care. Under Obamacare, we have already received tax credits averaging $800 for the last two years to help offset the expense of providing health insurance to one of our employees. These are the kinds of positive things that you never hear about in all the debates about health care!” (Maryland dentist)

“Dentistry is mainly elective. People take care of themselves when they feel good and optimistic. Another four years of fear, resignation and declining discretionary spending will hurt dentistry and the dentist whose income no longer will be his, he didn’t build it, but the states through confiscatory, predatory redistributionist power taken by Obama and the Democratic Party.” (Colorado orthodontist)

“The economic and fiscal debt problems (takers vs. the makers) may be so big and so bad that neither party (NO ONE!) can prevent a long term recession and/or near term depression.” (General dentist)

“Practicing dentists will become what the insurance industry would like if the democrat healthcare model wins out. We will be working for the fees that the government and the insurance companies permit and those fees will be much less than current fees. Prepare to run from room to room just to survive.” (General dentist)

“We should always be prepared for the worst scenario!” (Ohio prosthodontist)

“If Obama is reelected, we can expect higher taxes, further devaluation of the dollar which creates higher costs, and more patient visits with less reimbursement. Save us!” (Missouri dentist)

“A change of administration will bring about new policy and a new direction for the country. Business people are going to be encouraged and will be more optimistic about their chances of success. Therefore employment will surge and more people are going to be able to afford much needed dental services that they have been putting off because of the uncertainty.” (General dentist)

“I think dental care is going back to the 1960’s when no one had dental insurance coverage and dentists will only be caring for emergencies for the most part. Hygiene visits were the only routine dental visits. They do not talk or mention dentistry in their future.” (Florida dentist)

More rural and suburban dentists responded to this survey over urban dentists, with most of the urban dentists responding that they do not expect to see a change either way to their dental practice.


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