Small Businesses Most Trusted by Americans

Congratulations, small businesses: you’re now the most trusted institution in America.

That’s according to new data from the Pew Research Center. More people said they trust small business than any other institution – including churches, universities, government, or the media.

America's most trusted institutionsThe graph at right shows how trusted various institutions are. It’s definitely worth noting that the two least trusted institutions are Congress and banks and financial institutions… hardly a vote of confidence.

Survey respondents also felt that small businesses were the most underserved by the government – more so than the middle class, poor people, labor unions, or Wall Street.

What’s more, this isn’t a partisan issue. While there’s plenty of disagreement on other topics, Republicans, Democrats and independents were in near-total agreement on these small business issues.

So take heart, entrepreneurs: your fellow Americans have faith in you!

What about small businesses in the health care sector?

“I know firsthand how the government ignores and actively tries to eliminate small businesses from experiences in my sector,” commented one entrepreneur. “I own a small healthcare business and am constantly harassed by our state regulatory agency. In just a tri-county area in my state, they have shut down over 450 small businesses like mine in the past 6 months over alleged violations that the larger corporate places get away with over and over again. Only 2 corporate agencies were shut down. Rampant reports of neglect and abuse not to mention unethical practices abound in these places, but apparently the agency feels that shutting down these large places would actually cause more harm than good to the local economy, so they ignore major problems until the media reports it publicly. We do everything by the book and then some, but I am always looking over my shoulder to see when the next uptight incompetent inspector will come breathing down my neck.”

The People & Their Government: Distrust, Discontent, Anger & Partisan Rancor: Read the overview or the full results [PDF, 138 pages]


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