What’s the Most Effective Dental Marketing Tactic? (Video)

Dental practice marketing with internet videoDental marketing success relies on choosing the most effective ways to promote your practice.

Dentists can market themselves in all kinds of ways, including dental websites, new patient mailings, TV ads, and social media.

Direct mail marketing is the most important, but now we’re putting more of a focus on growing our online dental marketing,” said a Minnesota dentist.

“If you don’t ask for referrals, you don’t get them!” advised a Massachusetts dentist.

Jim Du Molin and Julie Frey discuss a survey that asked dentists about their most effective dental practice marketing tactics.

Two out of three dentists in this survey said internal marketing is the most important.

There’s nothing like referrals from your current patients.

Next was internet dental marketing, which one in five said was most important to them. Only 7% said direct mail marketing was the most beneficial, and another 7% voted for traditional media like newspaper, TV and radio ads.

Of course, Jim is biased in favor of online dental marketing.

“Word of mouth is always number one, and under that would be focused direct mail. Internet marketing is catching up, but the quality of the patients is always less,” said a Massachusetts dentist.

“If you treat your patients like you would treat your family, then the best ‘marketing’ or good word of mouth takes care of itself! We really only market our practice by being active in our community and being very good to our patients, and we get about 30 new patients every month,” said an Alabama dentist.

“How do you define important? The internal is the most important, but the internet brings most of our clients in a new business,” said a Missouri dentist.

“Internal marketing and word of mouth clearly bring in the BEST new patients for us. We receive the most new patients from internet and direct mail marketing. Printed phone book marketing is fast becoming one of the least important marketing vectors for us because the return on investment is getting smaller and smaller,” said an Ohio prosthodontist.

Analyzing your ROI is the best way to determine which of your dental practice marketing efforts are most effective.

Bottom line: use any marketing avenue where your profit ends up being greater than your expenses.

Are Dental Website Patients Better…or Worse? (Video)

Dental practice management: financial arrangements coordinatorOnline dental marketing can attract new patients to a dentist’s office.

Internet patients sometimes have a different profile from other new patients.

“The majority of our big cases the past few years have come from the internet,” said a Minnesota dentist.

“Referral patients have more trust from the beginning. Online patients are typically younger and not as financially able to afford treatment,” said a general dentist.

We conducted a survey asking dentists about dental website patients: Are patients who find a dentist online different from patients who come in via more traditional methods?

Jim Du Molin and Julie Frey talk about this survey about patients acquired via online dental marketing:

One third of dentists responding to this survey said they don’t see a difference.

However…half of those doctors feel that online dental patients are more likely to follow through with treatments, while the other half think online patients are less likely to follow through with treatment.

One in five dentists said that word-of-mouth referrals from current patients are the best type of dental patients to follow through with treatment.

Overall, the results suggest that patients are pretty similar, regardless of the dental marketing methods that were used to acquire them.

Online patients are generally young, looking for the best price and not dentally educated. Anyone who chooses a dentist based upon online reviews sees dentistry no differently than a gas station or a supermarket,” said a Massachusetts dentist.

Online patients have done their research and know a lot about our office before becoming patients. They are certainly more likely to follow through with recommended treatment,” said an Ohio prosthodontist.

“For me, a cold online lead is not unlike a patient who drove by and saw my sign. They are a tougher sell then a true internal referral. A Facebook referral can be close to an internal referral when referred by an existing patient,” said a Georgia dentist.

Dental website patients ask more questions, are younger and more tech savvy, tend to believe what they read online, are less critical in their thinking, and are so wed to their smart phones that they’re not big conversationalists,” said a California dentist.

Online dental marketing doesn’t have to replace traditional marketing avenues like direct mail and internal marketing.

Dental websites are an additional way to capture more new patient leads.

Dental Websites for New Patient Leads (Video)

Dental practice marketing with internet videoDental marketing online is all about having a website that has good visibility.  It’s hard to get new patients if they can’t find you on the internet!

So a dental practice website that generates leads has to be search engine optimized so new patients can find it.

“The majority of our big cases the past few years have come from the internet,” said a Minnesota dentist.

“Our online visibility is good. I get a lot of patients through the internet,” said a California oral surgeon. “You can’t get complacent and must be on top of things; it’s ever-changing.”

Jim and Julie discuss the results of our survey asking dentists if they are satisfied with their dental practice’s online visibility.

In this survey, three out of 10 dentists said that it’s not easy enough for patients to find their dental websites.
Only 22% are satisfied with their internet visibility, saying it’s easy for new and current patients to find them online.

Half of the doctors in this survey said they’d like to improve their dental website search engine results placement.

It all comes down to search engines and SEO. If your dental practice website isn’t showing up on Google, you’re missing out on new patients.

“I am never satisfied. It takes constant work,” said a Missouri dental professional. “I am hopeful that I will get so busy that I can afford to delegate it. I do enjoy the game and play fairly well. If I was in a large market, though, there is no way I could handle it.”

“There are only two of us in town, so it’s easy to find me!” said a Texas dentist.

“Most prospects are willing to give their contact information but are not ready or willing to come in,” said a New York dentist. “The stronger the dental website encouraging appointments, the better the new patient lead.”

New patient leads are great – but you still need to convert the lead to an appointment.

Front desk team training makes all the difference — along with a dental marketing program that includes lead tracking and call recording, so doctors can monitor how effectively their team is converting leads to patients.

IDA Dental Marketing Websites Can Target Dental Insurance Patients

With the new plans from Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. (IDA), dentists can customize dental marketing campaigns to target local keywords as well as the practice’s clinical skills. For example, doctors can generate leads for new dental insurance patients as well as for people who want dental implants, teeth whitening and sleep apnea treatments, etc.

IDA’s New Patient Marketing Machine™ features turnkey Web Portals that dentists can customize with their choice of pre-written articles based on the keywords for the kinds of leads they want to generate. In the previous dental insurance example, possible articles to display in the Web Portals’ Dental Info Center are “What’s the difference between dental insurance and health insurance?”, “What about discount dental plans?” and “Getting your dental treatment covered”.

“Whether you practice in a dental market where fee-for-service is profitable or where you need to take insurance to keep chairs filled, IDA’s Portals can be customized to attract the kinds of new patients that will increase your bottom line,” says Jim Du Molin, founder of Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. and dental marketing guru. “By strategically optimizing your dental websites with keywords that your high-value patients use whey they search online, you can have more control over your cash flow.”

Web Portal pages can be quickly and easily added or removed, so dentists can set up a new campaign within minutes to target specific kinds of patients. It’s good to remember, though, that removing pages from the website should only be done with long term strategy in mind. Once the pages are gone, they will not appear in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and will no longer generate leads for that patient type. So it’s best to remove pages only when the practice will no longer be offering those treatments or services on a permanent basis.

About Internet Dental Alliance, Inc.

IDA is North America’s largest provider of dental directories and websites for dentists. It completed its unique Lead Fire lead generation system in 2012. LeadFire technology automates dental SEO and content marketing and allows doctors to begin generating new patient leads within minutes of set up. It automatically optimizes IDA Web Portals for each dental office using geo-targeted local search terms. Internet Dental Alliance provides online dental marketing services such as dental website design and other dental management advice and resources.

IDA Multiple Website Plan: Dental Marketing With Premium Videos And More

Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. (IDA) has new online dental marketing plans for dentists who want to attract high-value patients that match their clinical skills. The New Patient Marketing Machine® Professional level package features pre-made videos, social media tools, automatic mobile marketing integration and much more.

IDA’s dental marketing system provides a rich set of tools for doctors who have online experience. The Premium Video library includes professionally produced videos that explain complex dental services such as dental implants, veneers, sedation dentistry, gum disease prevention, etc. They can transform a well designed dental website into a high-end authority site in the time it takes to upload them to the IDA Control Panel.

“These Premium videos would cost thousands of dollars to produce if you tried to do it on your own,” says Jim Du Molin, dental marketing guru and founder of Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. “I know that video — properly produced and integrated into your website — will yield results. And in dental marketing the only result that counts is more new patients!”

The New Patient Marketing Machine® for web-savvy dentists also includes cutting edge mobile marketing integration to connect with prospective patients searching for a dentist from their smart phones and mobile tablets. Each Portal has its own mobile dental marketing enabled to set appointments, feature online coupons and special offers, and display directions and an interactive map to the dental office.

Additional system elements include strategic dental marketing trend reports for more than 10 dental markets, expert assistance in setting up and optimizing the practice’s Google Places account, and Web Portal integration with the practice’s Facebook page and custom tabs. Ida will also provide a phone consultation with its support staff to customize and launch all five portals in 20 minutes.

About Internet Dental Alliance, Inc.

IDA is the largest North American provider of websites for dentists, email patient newsletters and dental directories. Known for its cutting-edge approach to dental marketing, it completed development of its advanced LeadFire technology in 2012. LeadFire’s proprietary content generation technology makes it possible for doctors to generate new patient leads within minutes of set up, and uses organic geo-targeted local search, customized and optimized for each dental practice . Internet Dental Alliance provides dental website design, find-a-dentist websites, online newsletters and other dental practice marketing advice.


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