Dental Device May Fight Obesity

Overweight? Maybe Flexible, Removable Jaw Wiring Will Help

Given that one-third of American adults are obese, and another third are overweight, it’s no wonder that weight-loss treatments are big business. One company is addressing the market with a dental device that uses rubber bands to restrict opening of the jaw. (It’s rather like getting your jaw wired shut, but easily reversible.)

The concept started in Europe. An overweight Dutch man was unwilling to get his jaw wired shut since he’s a singer in a band. He worked with an orthodontist to develop the original prototype. Initial tests in Europe have been promising, and the company (Small Bite Inc.) hopes to begin US trials soon.

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Extra Weight Ups Risk of Gum Disease

New research from the Harvard School of Public Health has linked obesity with gum disease.

Obese men (with BMIs above 30) had a 25% higher risk of periodontal disease than men of normal weight (BMIs from 18.5-25). The correlation also held true for other measures of obesity, including waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio.

It’s well-known that Americans are particularly prone to being overweight, and evidence suggests the obesity epidemic is only getting bigger. And that affects all aspects of public health – including dental care.

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Soda Really Can Cause Tooth Decay and Weight Gain

Coca-Cola recently launched an Australian ad campaign designed to humorously rebuff certain myths about the soda. But the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission was not amused by the company’s claims that Coke does not cause tooth decay or weight gain.

In fact, the commission has ordered the soft drink giant to publish corrections both in newspapers and online.

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