Still Not Enough Dentists in England

Solution: Import Dentists from Eastern Europe

It’s hardly news that the UK’s National Health Service is not meeting the dental needs of most residents. Amidst all the confusion, a few bold entrepreneurs are fixing to make a handsome profit by offering private dental care to those who can’t get in to see an NHS dentist.

Fergus and Judith Wilson own property valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and they’re planning to increase their fortune even further by opening a chain of private 24-hour dental clinics across the UK that will charge less than other private competitors.

With a serious shortage of dentists in the UK, the Wilsons have come up with an innovative way to staff their clinics: they’re planning to recruit up to 1,000 Eastern European dentists. Their first clinic will open soon near Kent, boasting an impressive roster of 150 dentists.

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Dental Marketing on Facebook for UK Dental Practice

Facebook dental marketingA dental practice in the UK (and NHS practice) is trying to recruit new patients via Facebook.

And what’s most remarkable about this story isn’t the truly innovate form of internet dental marketing using online social networking… it’s the fact that there’s an NHS practice with space for new dental patients!

Historically, it’s been challenging for many UK citizens to get dental care through the NHS. In many areas, it’s next impossible to find a dentist who’ll take on a new NHS patient.

So the NHS invested £65,000 to create places for 10,000 new patients, but the VI Dental Centre in Bridlington still has 2,000 spaces available. And marketing-minded staff have turned to the internet, using sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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Dentist Accused of “Biggest Ever” NHS Dental Fraud

Dental fraud by NHS dentistA dentist in the UK has been charged with one of the largest NHS dental frauds ever committed. The dentist, now suspended, is accused of stealing £1million from the National Health Service.

The dentist submitted as many as 5,000 false invoices between 2006 and 2009.

The Birmingham cosmetic dentist also operated a medical spa and advertised her services for dental Botox and dental makeover options such as braces and veneers.

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DIY Dentistry: Brit Yanks 13 Teeth with Pliers

Another horrifying tale of do-it-yourself dentistry from the UK…

The 42-year-old veteran couldn’t find a dentist to accept his military insurance. After seeing an army dentist in 2003, he said he tried unsuccessfully to get appointments with 30 dentists, none of whom would take government patients.

But he couldn’t very well live with the terrible pain in his teeth. So, over the past two years, he has pulled out 13 of his upper teeth, leaving him with only 2 remaining teeth in his upper arch.

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NHS Dentist Shortage: No End in Sight

British Couple Wants to Set Up Private Clinics

UK entrepreneurs Fergus and Judith Wilson have a plan that will bring private dental care to many UK residents. With a severe shortage of NHS dentists, the couple proposes bringing in foreign dentists (likely from eastern Europe). Their goal is to set up seven clinics with emergency facilities, and they expect to charge less for dental care than other private practitioners.

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