Can a Mouth Guard Improve Athletic Performance?

Pure Power mouthguardSome dentists aren’t just pushing mouth guards to protect athletes’ teeth – they claim that they can improve performance. Specifically, the Pure Power mouth guard is supposed to open airways by allowing the jaw and neck muscles to fully relax.

The device was developed by Dr. Anil Makkar after attending classes at LVI, and it is described by some as similar to the mandibular orthopedic repositioning appliances (MORAs) that were popular some 25 years ago. Though there’s no hard evidence to support PPM’s superiority, a number of athletes swear by it.

“The Pure Power Mouthguard is 40 years of proven neuromuscular dentistry research,” reads the product’s website. “Better balance, longer endurance, improved strength, more power, and expanded range.” The site claims the device can make you run faster, lift heavier weights, and lower your golf handicap.

Mouthguards: From Sports to Teeth Grinding

We asked dentists about mouthguards, and found that fully 92% of dentist respondent offer them for bruxism. TMD was cited by 76%, while 59% offer athletic mouthguards and 40% for sleep apnea.

“We make very few athletic mouthguards,” said a Maine dentist. “Parents in our area elect the over-the-counter ‘Boil & Bite’ guards over custom, laboratory-fabricated mouthguards.”

“They really work!” exclaimed a Georgia dentist who offers splints for bruxing and TMD.

“I’ve had almost 2,000 hours of C.E. on TMJ, Bruxism and Sleep,” offered an Illinois dentist. “Too many doctors try to treat these problems with inadequate knowledge.”

Declared a California periodontist, “I like the hard/soft splint/guard.”

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Dentists Rave about Athletic Mouthguards (VIDEO)

In this survey, we asked dentists about mouthguards and the PPM. Fully nine out of ten dentists surveyed believe mouthguards can improve athletic performance.

That’s a claim made by the inventor of the Pure Power Mouthguard (PPM), a device designed with neuromuscular principles in mind. The goal of the PPM is to improve breathing (and therefore performance) by allowing the airways to relax.

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