Cosmetic Dentistry and Reality TV (video)

Cosmetic dentistry and reality TV makeover showsMany reality TV shows feature dramatic makeovers that include cosmetic dentistry.

This survey found that half (54%) of dentists think this has increased patient demand for cosmetic dental work.

“It has made more people more aware of the cosmetic dentistry options,” said one dentist.

Another dentist was more skeptical. “These days, any dentist who does an all porcelain crown is calling himself a cosmetic dentist, with or with out any formal dental continuing education programs.”

“I’m more concerned about commercial advertisements from products like Lumineers and Invisalign,” added another.

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Best Dental Veneers: Dentists Prefer Porcelain Veneers

Best dental veneersThe best dental veneers are likely to be ceramic or porcelain veneers, found this survey of dentists. Only one dentist in five prefers resin or composite veneers.

Eighty-six percent of doctors feel that teeth veneers are a great cosmetic option, but 14% worry they have become over-used. “I have had more very young patients wanting veneers, and this is a really disturbing trend,” said a Texas dentist. “I try to explain to them that they are beginning a lifetime of maintenance and replacement.”

Dentists were even split over whether traditionally prepared or minimal-prep are the best tooth veneers. Though they are becoming more popular, only 10% of dentists prefer no-prep veneers.

The majority of dentists do not have a favorite brand of dental veneers. Some dentists felt the best veneers for cosmetic dentistry were Lumineers, Empress, Durathin, or LifeLike Veneers.

Here are some comments from dentists about the best dental veneers:

  • “All types are good. Case decisions need to be personalized.” Missouri dentist
  • “Dental veneers are grossly overused.” Arizona prosthodontist
  • “In most cases, we provide a dental crown instead. The veneer is not that much more conservative than a crown, and the crown is much more likely to succeed long term. Veneers are over-marketed and over-utilized.” Illinois dentist
  • “I’ve had mixed results with no-prep veneers so far in my young career.” General dentist
  • “They are overused, but they are also a great option.” Connecticut dentist
  • “They work great in the proper situation. Good treatment planning is always the key.” Washington dentist anesthesiologist
  • “Veneers are not just for cosmetics, but can be a restorative or regenerative option. How much preparation on the teeth are dictated by teeth position and final result desired.” Texas dentist

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