Lawsuit Targets Overpriced, Unnecessary Dental Work

The Massachusetts Attorney General has filed suit against a group of dentists, alleging they provided unnecessary and substandard dental work that left patients both in pain and in debt.

The AG is targeting three high-volume dental practices alleged to have attracted low-income patients with the offer of a free exam, then pulling a “bait and switch” that led to unneeded restorations and high-interest loans. Over 200 patients claim to have been taken advantage of.

The lawsuit names individual dentists, finance advisers and business managers employed at the three practices in question, as well as several corporations connected to the offices. In addition to substandard care, the practices in question also provided credit lines with 28% APR to patients who apparently had no idea what they were getting into.

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Stolen Patient List: A Dentist’s Worst Nightmare (Video)

Hygienist Steals Patients, Leaves Practice Devastated

Watch the video, or read about Dr. Michigan’s stolen patient list…

American Dental Partners Lawsuit Settlement Reached

Dentists Skip $130 Million Payout in Favor of Practice Ownership

A court recently awarded a group of Minnesota dentists a $130 million judgment against dental management group American Dental Partners. Rather than face years of costly appeals, both sides have reached an agreement whereby the dentists will be awarded ownership of 25 dental clinics, a deal valued at $115 million. (Read more)

Upon word of the deal, ADP’s stock jumped dramatically. The company’s stock had plunged when the initial verdict against the company was announced. (Read more)


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