Dental Insurance Payments & the Unhappy Dentist

Dental insurance companies paying lessThe relationship between general dentist and dental insurance company is not an easy one. In this survey, 87% of dentists say that dental insurance covers payments have dropped and fewer treatments are covered, this survey found.

“This is the perfect storm insurance companies have been waiting for,” said one dentist. “Several have reduced reimbursements and decreased coverage on certain procedures. Also attempting to dictate fees for non-covered services.”

Here are some other comments from dentists on dental health plans:

  • “Reimbursements are slower, smaller and more antagonistic to gain.” (General dentist)
  • “The best definition I have heard for an insurance company is a bank that does not give your money back.” (General dentist)
  • “Insurance companies are getting too much power. No way should they be able to dictate our charges for procedures they don’t even cover.” (Pennsylvania dentist)
  • “Employers have reduced coverages across the board.” (General dentist)
  • “Patients have asked if we raised our fees, but their insurance just pays less.” (Texas dentist)
  • “STILL $1,000 annual max? Is this the now only thing on the entire planet that has not gone up in the last 50 years?” (Illinois dentist)
  • “I have not seen any dental plans start raising their maximums to compensate for inflation. I have only seen a small change as to where 1 maybe 2 insurance companies are starting to pay for dental implants.” (Georgia dental office worker)
  • Dental insurance companies should not be allowed to set fee caps for network providers. It is ridiculous that our procedures get discounted by so much that it doesn’t cover the cost of the procedure to do it. Yes, we can drop out of networks, but in this economy, doing so can mean the end of your practice.” (Kentucky dentist)

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Most Dentists See Insurance Companies As Enemies (VIDEO)

Dentists hate insurance: videoDentists have had enough of dental insurance companies. In this survey, fully 94% of dentist respondents said that they would like to see dentists organize against the insurance industry.

Low benefits and payouts are dentists’ largest frustration.

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Dentists Dropping Dental Insurances (VIDEO)

Dentists are sick and tired of dental insurance companies dictating fees and treatments.

Just over half of the dentists in this survey by dental practice marketing resource The Wealthy Dentist said that they had mostly or completely stopped accepting dental insurances.

“We still work with hundreds of insurance companies by filing the paperwork, etc,” said an Ohio dentist. “But by not being ‘in-network’ on any plan, we get paid for what we do.”

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Dental Insurance Is Broken, Say Two of Three Dentists (Video)

We asked dentists if dental insurance is just as broken as medical insurance. Fully two out of three dentists think so.

In this survey, 70% of dentists felt the current system is not meeting the dental care needs of many Americans. The other 30% think health insurance and dental benefits are very different and it’s not fair to compare the two.

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Dental Insurance Dictates Patient Treatment (VIDEO)

Nine out of ten dentists see dental insurance companies as enemies rather than allies, according to this survey.

In the eyes of the average dentist, insurance companies exist solely to turn a profit and have little or no interest in actually helping patients or doctors. However, insurance does bring patients in, and few dental practices have the option of not dealing with insurance companies.

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