Scottish Actor McAvoy Rejects Cosmetic Dentistry

Scottish actor James McAvoy may be only 28, but he’s already starred opposite Forest Whittaker in last year’s The Last King of Scotland. He’s an attractive young man with fans both male and female. He’s poised to launch onto the Hollywood scene, but he’s refusing on principle to get cosmetic dentistry. When asked if he was ever going to get his teeth fixed, the actor replied, “Only when they fall out.”

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Dentists with Sex Appeal: Hollywood’s New Obsession

Star dentists with sex appealThe entertainment world has been abuzz in the past week with news of not one but two stars soon to play sexy dentists.

Jennifer Aniston will appear in the upcoming movie Horrible Bosses, where she will play a sexually aggressive dentist who doesn’t show much respect for sexual harassment laws.

It’s said that the role will show a new side of Aniston, typically known for playing the “good girl.” Though the character will no doubt be randy, Aniston has denied rumors that she will appear topless in the movie.

On the small screen, John Stamos will join the cast of the hit TV show Glee next season. The musical series about a high school glee club has been this year’s breakout television hit.

Stamos – known both for playing Uncle Jesse on the classic show Full House and his marriage to supermodel Rebecca Romijn – will play the love interest of high school guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury.

This just might be good for dentistry; some celebrity appeal could increase interest in the profession. (Now, if only CSI creator Jerry Bruckheimer would launch a show about dentists…)

California Dentist Has Role in Footloose Remake

California Dentist Has Role in Footloose RemakeDentists are talented individuals, at least that’s what we think here at The Wealthy Dentist, and it seems Hollywood may agree.

The Piedmont Journal is reporting that Piedmont, California dentist, Dr. Staley Colvert has a role in the new Footloose movie as one of the stale city council members who refuses to let the city boy dance and play that terrible, corrupting rock music.

He’s been a part-time actor ever since he turned 40 and attended a play at Northeast State College in Tennessee. Now that he’s 60 he gets to play a lot of businessmen and politicians.

The Footloose courthouse scenes featuring dentist Colvert were filmed in Covington, Ga. — the same courthouse used in the late 1980’s television series “In the Heat of the Night.”

Between caring for his dental patients and managing his dental practice, Dr. Colvert continues to audition for acting roles. Besides Zac Effron, he’s acted with Dennis Quaid and Andie MacDowell.

Now how many dentists can say that?

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Hollywood’s Best Smiles, As Chosen by Cosmetic Dentists

Cosmetic Dentists Rank Stars’ Smiles

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has announced the results of its annual poll about which stars have the best smiles in Hollywood.

Brad Pitt was the top male choice. He was followed closely by soccer’s David Beckham and actor Will Smith.

Among female stars, Eva Mendes came in first. In second and third place were Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson.

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