Friday Random Video: Engagement Happens During College Graduation

Friday Random Video: Engagement Happens During College GraduationLife is made up of many cherished moments. It’s great when you can catch them on video.

Each year, YouTube gets a huge influx of graduation videos from universities across the United States.

Today’s Friday random video by The Wealthy Dentist is offered in honor of all the 2012 dental graduates out there.

The video features graduate Sarah Cooper, who is about to get the surprise of a lifetime.

As the American University School of Public Affairs graduate walked across the stage to accept her diploma, her boyfriend steps forward to propose on stage in front of family and classmates.

It’s a lovely video to surely lift your Friday spirits. Enjoy!

What is your proposal story? Would you have been this brave?

Congratulations to all the dental graduates of 2012!

Dental School Graduates Unprepared, Say 4 out of 5 Dentists

Wrongful Discharge: Dental Survey ResultsDental Practice Management Not Covered in School

In this survey, we asked if dental school adequately prepares students for the real world. Four out of five dentists say that today’s graduates aren’t adequately prepared for the financial realities of practicing dentistry. Only one in five feels that dental school does a good job.

Here’s what the dentists had to say:

  • Dental school has never prepared students for the real world, but now the consequences for new graduates are a lot more serious. There is so much more to be aware of, and a slipup is going to be more costly.” (Orthodontist)
  • “Schools need extensive realistic practice management curriculum.” (Massachusetts dentist)
  • Dental schools have routinely produced graduates that fully believe that they know a great deal more than they really know. They are definitely not ready for private practice.” (Maryland dentist)
  • “Dental school prepares you for your board exams, not the real world of dentistry.” (New Jersey dentist)
  • “Dental School has tried to address issues of dental practice management, insurance issues, and advanced restorative techniques including implants and periodontal surgery.” (Pennsylvania periodontist)
  • “There should be some basic business requirement in the pre-dental education, but I don’t see that there is room in dental school to cover this in any but the most cursory way.” (Illinois dentist)
  • Today’s graduates are not prepared to start a business, but neither were we. Business sense is hard to get in a classroom setting. It’s like preparing for parenting: how do you know when you’re ready?” (North Carolina dentist)
  • “Academically they are over-prepared and clinically they tend to be under-prepared.” (Missouri dentist)

Read the complete dental school graduates survey results…


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